Walkthough: Use XAML’s 3D PlaneProjection to Open a Window and See What’s Inside

imageHere we go again, down the fun road with XAML. This time, since it’s Christmastime, I’ll throw together a Christmas-themed demo for you! Of what fun it is to code in XAML and Expression Blend, hey!

So in the video below I will use some awesome features of XAML. Here’s the list if you want to do a little research yourself:

  1. UIElement.Clip : Gets or sets the RectangleGeometry used to define the outline of the contents of a UIElement.
  2. RectangleGeometry : Describes a two-dimensional rectangular geometry.
  3. RectangleGeometry.Rect : Gets or sets the dimensions of the rectangle.
  4. UIElement.Projection : Gets or sets the perspective projection (3-D effect) to apply when rendering this element.
  5. ProjectionPlane : Represents a perspective transform (a 3-D-like effect) on an object
  6. ProjectionPlane.RotationX : Gets or sets the number of degrees to rotate the object around the x-axis of rotation.
  7. ProjectionPlane.CenterOfRotationX : Gets or sets the x-coordinate of the center of rotation of the object that you rotate.

Let’s start building

Best of luck & Merry Christmas!

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