Announcing! Windows 8 Bing Maps SDK is Available!

imageYou heard me right! Awesome!

Get it here:

So many of you developers with Windows 8 applications with maps were waiting with baited breath. Now you no longer have to wait! You can rebuild your app in RTM bits and submit to the store to be there for GA!I

SDK: Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store apps combines the power of Windows 8 and Bing™ Maps to provide an enhanced mapping experience for modern-style apps. Developers can use this Bing Maps control to incorporate the latest road maps and aerial views into a Windows Store app. This SDK includes controls for apps built using JavaScript, as well as apps built using C#, C++, and Visual Basic, and requires a Bing Maps Key for a Windows Store app.

JavaScript Developers: The Bing Maps SDK for JavaScript is based on the Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0. See Developing a Windows Store App to learn how to use the Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 to add Bing Maps to your Windows Store app.

Visual Basic, C# and C++ Developers: See Getting Started with Windows Store apps.

Important note for Visual Basic, C# and C++ Developers: For your Windows Store app project to work correctly, make sure you complete the steps in Add Bing Maps to a Windows Store app after you install the SDK.

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