Let’s compare SkyDrive to Apple, Google, and Dropbox.

imageSkyDrive has been around forever. Of course, not everyone knew about SkyDrive, so many people think Google’s g-drive or Apple’s i-cloud or Dropbox invented online storage. Nope.

The heritage of SkyDrive is not important now. It is what it is. And this would not be the first MS marketing blunder. What matters now is how SkyDrive stacks against it’s immediate competitors. The story is good.

Here’s a quick snapshot:


Source: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/skydrive/compare


And for developers, there is so much more! There are APIs for every single platform out there. Apple? Yes. Google? Yes. Windows Phone? Yes. JavaScript? Yes. Windows 8? You bet. Want to learn more? Want to download the SDK? Download the Live SDK here: https://aka.ms/w8live

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