Microsoft gives developers Real, Live Support for Windows Store certification problems! Know your options.

imageBelieve it or not, Microsoft is offering CSS to developers having trouble developing or deploying their Windows 8 applications. Of course, you can use documentation. Of course, you can forums. But how great is it that you can talk to someone live and knowledgeable? It’s true.

If you need more in-depth or private support, you can use assisted support. Unlike the forums, there is a cost associated with this option, but we'll show you the costs and other recommended solutions before placing your request. If you are registered as a Windows Store developer, you get two free technical support incidents.

Here’s a real tip: sometimes support is free. If it’s a matter of you not doing it right, if it’s a matter of you not really knowing how – that’s likely not free. But if getting your application certified is the problem, if that one step keeps killing you, it’s important that you at least try CSS for free, live support.

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