What does it take to get a Windows 8 App into the Windows Store? Take a look.

imageTo get your app onto the coming army of Windows 8 devices, you need to be in the Windows Store. In order to get your app into the Windows Store, you need to satisfy the Store Certification Requirements. Wondering what they are? Wondering if you can make it? Look here: https://aka.ms/w8StoreReq

In this document, we describe the criteria an app must meet to be eligible for listing in the Windows Store.

We review every app before we list it in the Store. If our certification requirements change, we’ll identify the updates to ease your consideration. If you have feedback on the policies, please let us know by commenting in our forum. We will consider every comment.

Your apps are crucial to the experience of hundreds of millions of customers. We can’t wait to see what you create and are thrilled to help deliver your apps to the world.

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