Windows 8 apps, what’s an Enterprise to do?

imageFor decades, thousands of enterprises have run their business on custom, line-of-business systems. These can be Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, and even web-based Windows apps. These often include a desktop tier, some service tier, and a backend database. Millions, literally millions, of dollars have been invested into the creation and maintenance of these systems.

Should they all be rewritten?

Your first answer should be no, but that may not be your final answer. This is because no application should be rewritten without a compelling reason. Consider the development investment already made. Consider the user training investment already made. And, consider the deployment investment already made. None of that should be brushed away just because there’s a new, shiny toy. But there is more to consider than a simple version rev here. Windows 8 introduces new capabilities, new opportunities, and new scenarios that might turn your first answer on its head…

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