Windows 8: 15 More Reasons why I choose XAML over HTML5

imageMetro developers building applications for Windows 8 have choices to make. A few weeks ago, I put together my top ten reasons to choose XAML. That really got me thinking. There are so many more than 10 good reasons why I prefer XAML. I thought I would continue the list.

First, let’s reflect on the first list:

  1. It’s a nail – I am a hammer
  2. Bind to anything
  3. Resolution independency
  4. Dependency properties
  5. Platform adoption
  1. OOP
  2. State
  3. Expression blend
  4. Debugging
  5. Vectors, vectors, vectors

I could have stopped there. Seriously, those 10 are enough. They are all really good reasons. Lots of developers commented on that blog to tell me that they could do some of those in JavaScript, too. My intention was not to prove that JavaScript was bad, my intention was to demonstrate why XAML is my choice technology. But, then again, most of those JavaScript comments were wrong (or stretching it).

Let’s not forget, XAML is one of three choices for UI in Windows 8 Metro applications. Metro applications can leverage Direct3D for high-end games. Web-based games can leverage their investments with Metro’s native HTML support. And, then, there’s XAML.

And here we go…

Read the whole article here.

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