Windows 8: Top 10 Reasons Why I choose XAML Metro over HTML5

imageWindows 8 introduces Metro as a new a development paradigm on the Microsoft platform. I get asked which people should choose all the time. For me, I chose C#/XAML. Here I wanted to walk through some of the key reasons I did just that:

1. It’s a Nail

It turns out I am a hammer. After spending a career mastering XAML, I tend to see a XAML solution in everything. But good for me, Windows 8 provides no-compromise options to developers to choose JavaScript/HTML5, C#/XAML, and C++/XAML without giving up on features and support.

2. Bind to Anything

The power of XAML really starts at its native ability to data bind. Nothing data binds like XAML – one way, two way, one time, and to almost any property. Not only is it built-in, not only is it powerful, not only is it fast, but it’s simple. Check out this snippet:…

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