Windows 8: Top 10 Reasons why Metro development smokes Windows Desktop development

imageWindows 7 had one application scenario – desktop apps. Windows 8 has two application scenarios – desktop and Metro. Metro is the start menu, but also a shell in which app containers execute.

Note: Metro developers can build native apps in JavaScript, C#, VB, and C++. They can leverage HTML, XAML, and Direct3D, respectively. They uniformly access system devices and services through the Windows Runtime (WinRT).

So, here we go:

Metro applications are different. Metro development is different. Desktop development is still present, of course. Desktop development is still powerful, of course. However, here are my (personal) top 10 reasons why Windows Metro development smokes Windows Desktop development:

Reason 1 – Hardware Acceleration

Metro applications benefit from hardware acceleration out-of-the-box. Build your application and you get the GPU, free of charge. Moreover, metro developers get a library of animations that are not only tuned and accelerated, but also provide consistent effects across the platform.

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