Internet Explorer continues its Reign over Firefox, Chrome, and Safari According to 2012 Q1 Data

An amazing thing happened last month. I was at DrupalCon in Denver. It’s a Woodstock of open source-oriented developers who reliably asked me, “What’s Microsoft doing here?”

My answer was easy: Microsoft wants open source developers to know that open software like Drupal can leverage Windows and SQL Server – taking advantage of the most manageable and pervasive operating system, and scalable database in the world.

Most developers are caught off guard when they learn about Microsoft’s many contributions to the open source community. Microsoft remains a for-profit company, to be sure, but we aggressively reach out to help the open community. Their work and innovations shape a lot of our industry. Microsoft doesn’t have the answer to every software problem, but we do have a lot of excellent pieces.

But that is not the interesting part

There was a lot of frustration toward Internet Explorer. In reality it was frustration at browser inconsistency, but was clearly directed at IE (especially version 6 – even though we are on version 9). I sympathized and even agreed. Microsoft has made a strong push to rid the world of version 6; even going so far as to include Internet Explorer in Windows Update to help motivate even more users to update to a better version of the browser.

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