Windows 8: Moving Metro Around

imageSo many people didn’t enjoy the love that the Windows key gave in Windows 7. To them, the Windows key was a useless key. To them, they simply didn’t know.

Now with Windows 8 there is even more love! Will you make the most of it or are you “one of those users”? My mom, by the way, is holding a user group next Thursday for those users – BYOB (bring your own bengay). 😉

Actually: my mom isn’t holding a user group next Thursday – if you are one of those users, then you are on your own!

Windows 7

My favorite use of the Windows key in Windows 7 was to use Windows key + Shift + the Left/Right arrows. This keystroke combination effortlessly relocated the current window from one monitor to another.

This was only second to Windows key + the Left/Right arrows (without Shift this time). This quickly snapped the current window to the left or right edges of the monitor. Keyboard equivalents to mouse actions were everywhere in Windows 7 – and remain in Windows 8. 

Windows 8

I have already blogged on many of the new keystrokes in Windows 8. But in a my colleague, Jeremy Foster’s excellent blog article, it hit me that the value of some new keystrokes are not well understood by the consumers who are previewing Windows 8.

Read the whole article here.

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