WP7 Sample: Use Location Services *and* get Certified!

imageAllow me to draw your attention to this Windows Phone application Certification Requirement:

Requirement 2.7.2 The privacy policy of your application must inform users about how location data from the Location Service API is used and disclosed and the controls that users have over the use and sharing of location data. This can be hosted within or directly linked from the application.

Should you submit an application that uses Location Service API and do not provide a privacy policy you will get a friendly response from the certification something like this:

Fail: It appears the application uses location services but does not include a privacy policy describing how the application uses the Location Service API and what control users have over the usage and sharing of information obtained through that usage.

Did you know Microsoft employs more Attorneys than Developers? That’s totally not true! We have a platoon of attorneys and a battalion of developers. We’re a software company. But don’t screw with us! Just kidding – sort of.

Why do you need a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is necessary when you deal with personal information. A person’s current location (from the Location Services API) is considered personal information. And, of course, because the marketplace certification requirements say so.

Read the whole article here.

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