Mango Sample: Resources Part 4: Styles

imageThis is part 4 in the Resource series.

  1. Part 1: Themes
  2. Part 2: Colors
  3. Part 3: Sizes
  4. Part 4: Styles

Can I override the Theme?

No, but read on – this is important. You are the developer of your application. As a result, you are in control. The reason you implement Phone Resources and respond to the current theme is so your application looks like it fits into the phone. Remember we are working against the UNINSTALL button.

Having said that, some applications have no use for Phone Resources. What I mean is, the application you are developing might have very specific UI requirements that trump the introduction or use of Phone Resources. You get to choose.

What Styles are there?

Styles are handy. They incorporate many different styling settings – there’s hardly a limit to what they can include. In many cases, using a style is better than a color or size because:

  1. Styles are simpler to use because there is less to use
  2. Styles often include styling you might otherwise forget
  3. Styles often are based on other styles are are rich/complex

The list of styles is below. In them you should see a lot of “BasedOn” syntax. Any XAML element can only have a single style – so BasedOn is used like OOP inheritance to compound styles; but, remember, styles are specific to control types so you can’t mix them up crazy-like.  I discuss BasedOn more here.

So, check out the styles you can use (and note the specific control is part of the name):

Read the whole article here.

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