Interop with Office

Before I dive in, I’ve put together a simple doc showing how you can liven up the clip art in Office using Graphic Designer that you might find of interest. The other “feature” that was included in the current CTP of Expression Graphic Designer (EGD) is better interop with Office apps.  EGD now has vastly better…

New versions of Expression Graphic Designer and Interactive Designer available!

Our January 2006 CTPs are available! What’s new?? We’ve got official names now.  (Acrylic => Graphic Designer; Sparkle => Interactive Designer) Interactive Designer is publicly available for the first time! Exporting to XAML from Graphic Designer (EGD) has been greatly improved. The XAML exporter is the only real new feature for this CTP for EGD.  [There…

New version of Acrylic available for download!

I encourage you to take a look.  We’ve done a lot to tighten things up since the last release.  We’re still hard at work, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  (Links to the newsgroup can be found on the site.)

Expression on Channel9

A nice video that will give you a bit of what’s going on with Expression.

How suite it is: Expression! It’s a great relief to finally have this out in the open.  There’s a suite on the way, folks, and we’re working hard every day to pack as much cool functionality in as we can for you. Take a look at the web site, download the Acrylic preview!  We’re eager for feedback! [Modified 2/17/2008:…

New Version of Acrylic Available!

I’m happy to report that the August 2005 Community Technology Preview is live on! There are a number of videos and feature details at Have fun! [Edited 2/17/2008:  Removed dead picture link.]


Acrylic Automation: Crossing the Barrier

Ok, so I really was chomping at the bit to blog.  Now that we’ve gone beta I can get a lot of things off of my chest.  Just too awkward to blog much before the product was announced, you know?  In this post I’m going to give a bit of info on how to write…

Automating Acrylic

Here’s the first of many posts to come out of what I’ve learned and experienced attempting to automate Acrylic. As mentioned before and elsewhere, Microsoft acquired Creature House a few years ago.  With this acquisition came the creative design toolset Creature House Expression.  We’ve been working on a new version of the application and one…


Acrylic has gone live!

[updated 1/31/06 to use new blog photo gallery] Greetings from within Microsoft!  I’m excited to let you know that we’ve just released the beta for Acrylic, an application for professional graphic designers.  Please go take a look, download, and send in your feedback! ( (To see some art generated with the application, download and install. …