Breaking the silence

It has been about 8 years since I posted last. I didn't have a lot to say that was of general interest, and most of what I was doing involved things that I couldn't talk about at the time. :/

Now I'm working on .NET directly, and in particular .NET Core (yay open source!). It is a new, truly more open MS and in keeping with that I'm going to make an effort to be active here again.

I'm going to start off with a series of posts about the subject that drew me to the .NET team in the first place- file paths. They're exceptionally tricky on Windows and plagued by a very old limitation- MAX_PATH. Working on the project system for Blend and the build system for Expression I constantly struggled with both the 260 character path limit and the difficulty in getting path code correct. I hope to take the past year of more intensive work on the subject and my prior decade of struggle and help document how paths work more clearly.


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