Out of Control Transaction Log files?

An issue came up this week that I feel is worth making Exchange Admins aware of. The symptoms of the problem is transaction logs growing uncontrollably on the Exchange Server (as high as 1000 logs per an hour). However there is no growth encountered in the EDB or STM files. Obviously this resulted in log…


Learning Essentails in Exchange PSS

Learning Essentials   Ever wonder how we internally develop our people? How our top people continue to develop? As one might expect we do REQUIRE the technical staff of Product Support Services (PSS) to maintain their MCSE/MCSD certification. However, this is largely accomplished on the individual’s own time. The program new hires are put through…


VSAPI Postings just started going live on Exchange Team Blog!

I’ve been putting together several postings regarding the VSAPI including background, architecture, performance, and troubleshooting analysis for the Exchange Team blog. The first one just went live… http://blogs.msdn.com/exchange/archive/2004/10/20/245157.aspx Keep an eye out for future post regarding the VSAPI over the coming days…   – Jeremy


Do you know your critical code paths?

In my role I interact with a lot of developers and it is continuously amazing how naive an individual can be regarding the interactions their own code has with other components. I’ll shorten this example to the critical points… In one instance I recall conversing with a developer regarding a performance issue in their code…


Don’t believe everything the debugger is telling you!!! (aka Rootkit)

<sigh>   So this issue was incredibly interesting, but you know at the end it just makes you mad. This past week a customer was having a very clear cut, reproduciable issue: When attempting to attach an item to a message via OWA, the Information Store would crash with what appeared to be stack corruption. Boy,…


The Effects of Message Looping

I have seen this problem several times in the last few weeks and figured it was worth a quick blog entry.   Here is what happens: A Unix host with a running daemon sends some sort of email message a User reporting on the status of processing a request. The recipient of the message is…


Teaching the Skill of Reading Code

One would think my last post related to this topic was a Oxidizing Agent in a Redux Reaction (yep, I started out as a pure science major) given the response by Larry and Eric. Hey, but thats a good thing… it gets people thinking. So a few sessions into this endeavor, here is what I think…


Using your Mailbox to Store Work-in-Progress documents

Like most people, I work on a collection of work-in-progress documents. Over time I started loosing track of where the latest version of a particular document was left… my desktop, tabletpc, laptop, or on my home machine. Then I remembered a relatively unused feature of Exchange+Outlook which is “Free Docs”. If you didn’t know already, you…


Chicken and the Egg… (aka. Read vs. Writing code)

So I have been asked to deliver training for a group of people on how to “read” source code. I guess I should frame this request a bit. With very large product such as Exchange there are millions of lines of code and no one knows everything about what is happening in source. Most developers are…


Store Background Processes Part I – IS Maintenance

Overview IS Maintenance is the term applied to a series of operations performed by the Information Store to ensure logical consistency in the databases. Generally speaking the operations ensure items no longer needed by the system are removed from the database. If a custom schedule has not been defined for the database in Exchange System…