Merge it your own way — Followup on the test

  After publishing the first test results on a previous post I got in contact with the product team to followup the test results. After redoing the test on real hardware and in a client – server scenario, the following result could be extracted from the tests. As the following charts shows, the Merge statement…


Merge it your own way – Comparison of SQLAdapter vs. SQLCommand vs. MERGE

The question which always comes up in my sessions about SQL Server 2008 is according to my most loved feature in SQL Server 2008, the MERGE command. People always ask me how the performance comparison with MERGE is compared to some standard / traditional mechanisms like SQLCommand / SQLDataadapter / MERGE.   Well, for that…


Launch SQL Server 2008 samples online

Anbei die Slides und zusätzlich die Samples für TVF und Merge, die beim Launch für SQL Server 2008 verwendet wurden.  Download -Jens