SQL Server Reporting Services Load Simulator v

( Download at the end of the blog entry )   Testing with realistic parameter sets Ever wanted to test your SQL Server Reporting Services infrastructure against a realistic workload? Most often the problem is where to get the realistic data (parameter sets, a good weight of the different rendering formats) from. You already have…


PowerShell StdOut go out, StdErr go everywhere

  While becoming familiar and a really big fan of PowerShell, I faced the following issue. During a migration project doing bulk migrations, I needed information Messages (coming to StdOut) as well as error message (coming to StdErr) displayed to the Console. Well that is quite easy as being the standard behavior. The challenge was,…


Blog Resources online again !

  I will write everyone who directed me directly again, but for those watching the blog, the ressources linked in the blog entries are online again..finally. Thanks for all your patience ! -Jens