SSIS as a data source for SSRS–where is it gone for SQL Server 2008 R2

Some time ago I did a blog entry for SQL Server Integration Services packages as a data source for SQL Server Reporting Services reports. You can find this article here.

This feature relies on a data processing extension that is explained in detail here (

Due to security reasons, this feature has been deprecated and removed in SQL Server 2008 R2. If you want to create and consume a more complicated data extraction you should think of either creating a stored procedure (eventually with CLR, depending on your needs) which prepares the data or kick of a SSIS integration package which creates the relevant data you can consume this data with any supported data provider.


Comments (4)

  1. It's not supported as of now. This doesn't mean that it's deprecated. Can you please post a link from BOL or somewhere where is says that it's a deprecated feature and would not be available in future versions ?

  2. All I can tell you is that the feature isn´t there in KJ and won´t be there as it is currently implemented in further versions.


  3. Mauricio says:

    How can I use SSAS as datasource in a SSRS report and the report use connection pool? Is there any configuration to set?

  4. Zaki says:

    Tolong ajari saya tentang sql server EE (express edition ;)),,,

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