Did your SQL Agent doze off and you don´t know which jobs to run afterwards ?

  In some cases you might face the problem that SQL Server Agent Service didn’t come up or was stopped for reason. Jobs scheduled in the downtime will not run automatically when the Agent service comes up again, and that is a good thing. I often hear people saying, why isn’t that supposed to be…


Database internal file versions–Where is the Undo button for a database upgrade ?

  A common question is how to move back to the older version of the database once upgraded. The answer is, you can´t. By attaching the database to the new SQL Server version an upgrade is done internally which can be seen if you run the attach commands in e.g. the script window of SSMS….


SSIS as a data source for SSRS–where is it gone for SQL Server 2008 R2

Some time ago I did a blog entry for SQL Server Integration Services packages as a data source for SQL Server Reporting Services reports. You can find this article here. This feature relies on a data processing extension that is explained in detail here (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345250.aspx). Due to security reasons, this feature has been deprecated and…


Usage of @@Trancount in DML statements

  Some time ago I got an interesting questions why the following applies: –drop table a create table a(m varchar(max), i int) go declare @cnt int –Explicit transaction begin tran set @cnt=@@trancount insert into a select ‘inside’, @@trancount insert into a select ‘inside cnt’, @cnt commit tran set @cnt=@@trancount –Implicit transcation insert into a select…