Want to know what happened on your database by reading the transaction log ?

(Download the dbo.fndblog2 function here) Update and word of caution: Be aware that the mentioned function is undocumented and subject to change in any release of SQL Server. You should only use that for investigational purposes and in case you are investigating any sever data issues on your server. The function will parse the logs and…


An “secret” SSIS XML Destination Provider you might not found yet

  (Sample code included at the end of the post) The initiator for this post was Dan Atkins who wanted to create a feed from relational data to consume it directly from a created gadget. Where can I find that in the toolbox ? First of all, you won’t a XML destination adapter as of…


SSIS as a data source needed ? Watch out for configuration traps

  Someone pinged me according the article I wrote about SSIS as a data source in Reporting Services. In general this is easy to implement and configure. One problem though occurs if you already had SQL Server 2005 on the machine first and updated to SQL Server 2008. You will receive the following error: The…


SQLIOSIMParser is available

After skipping some internal version the is available now, these are the new features: Version <Internal Bugfixing> Version -Moved settings to a separate settings page and save them for later use (Suggested by me) -Added additionally feedback options (Feedback by me) Feel free to provide feedback to either the new feedback functionality…


SQLIOSimParser is available

  These are the new functionalities comparing the version: -Added n-m mapping for different test iterations (Suggestion to Jimmy) -Included output to CSV (Suggestion to Jimmy) -Being able to specify a delimiter for the CSV output (Suggestion to Jens) -Added an additional text column for using as TestName (Suggestion by Jimmy) -Changed column headings…


SQL Server Reporting Services Logging & Caching project released on Codeplex

  The first version ( of a small project I did was published to Codeplex (http://rsparamlogcache.codeplex.com/). It enables you to log and cache user parameter values for further usage and statistics. Here is short extract from the project description: Project Description The solution tracks the selected parameters from a report execution and uses them later…


Jump on the Express Trace if you can – SQL Server Express server side tracing

Running SQL Server Traces on SQL Server Express SQL Server Express does not come with a SQL Server Profiler GUI. (Period) Though can still use SQL Server Profiler tools from other editions to connect to the SQL Server Express edition. (But make sure that you do have a valid license for that.) (I appreciate all…


New Cumulative Update for CU4 for SQL Server 2008 SP1

  Head up, the new CU is ready ! This one is CU (Cumulative Update) 4 for SQL Server 2008 SP1 (means that you will need to have SP1 installed in order to install the update) See the information of the release services team here: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlreleaseservices/archive/2009/09/22/cumulative-update-4-for-sql-server-2008-sp1.aspx -Jens


Project corruption after upgrade VSTSDB & Unit tests

As it was hard to find the cause of this error and the answer, I wanted to share some searchable information on the internet for that. The following problem occurs while doing an upgrade of “older” VSDB project to the new GDR releases. As you have seen, the version of some assemblies within the GDR…


Basta Herbst 2009 in Mainz

Thank for all participants attending my sessions in Mainz. As promised, here are the slide decks and demos I used during my presentations. If you have any question to this are other SQL Server related topics, feel free to ping me. I am looking forward to hear from you ! Volltext voraus – Volltextindizierung in…