RibbonX Updates for B2TR

Today’s Guest Writer: Savraj DhanjalSavraj is a Program Manager on the Office User Experience team focused on user interface extensibility for Office developers. As you may have discovered, we made a few tweaks to the UI developer story in Beta 2 Technical Refresh. The biggest change is the updated Control ID list we published yesterday….


Beta 2 Technical Refresh Available Now

This morning, the Beta 2 Technical Refresh of the 2007 Microsoft Office system became available for download. You can download it now from the Microsoft Download Center. (The download link above is the main download link. You also view the list of all available Beta 2 Technical Refresh updates for client and server by clicking…


Beta 2 Technical Refresh Available Tomorrow

This morning, we announced that starting tomorrow (Thursday, Septemeber 14) you’ll be able to download the Beta 2 Technical Refresh build of Office 2007 (build 4407.1005). Note: There’s a newer post now with the download link. You can keep reading, though, to see a list of what’s new in the Technical Refresh user interface. I’m travelling…


The Quick Customize Menu

One of the new features in the upcoming Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh that I haven’t written about yet is something we call the Quick Customize Menu. As you may know, the Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable part of the UI in which you can add features for quick access. Simply right-click any…


Things of Beauty

One of our goals for the Office 2007 user interface was to make it easier to create beautiful output. In many circumstances, you are judged by the quality of the output you create. And software that helps you create beautiful output makes you look smart and feel good. Many of the features of the new…


Reality Check

It was with a bit of surprise that I read a flurry of stories on Friday with breathless headlines like “Microsoft backs off the Ribbon in Office 2007!” and “Microsoft Cuts Office 2007 Ribbon!” Part of working at a company like Microsoft is that people are interested in what we do. This means that even…


Giving You Fitts

One of the most well-understood and salient principles underlying the ergonomics of graphical user interface design is Fitts’ Law. Named for Paul Fitts, a psychologist at Ohio State University, Fitts’ Law is a mathematical model of fine motor control which predicts how long it takes to move from one position to another as a function…


Recently Used Documents

One of the efficiency affordances added to Office over a decade ago is the Recent Documents list. At the bottom of the File menu in Office 2003, you’ll see your four most recently-opened documents listed; you can click one of them to open the file directly. Looking at customer data from Office 2003, it becomes…


Which Color When? (Part 2)

On Thursday, I wrote about how Office 2003 renders the user interface using a table of several thousand colors. Some of you commented that we’re crazy to do so much work. Perhaps, but keep in mind that I’m not just talking about the menus and toolbars; every color used in the interface of every program,…


Which Color When? (Part 1)

As you probably know by now, each of the Office 2007 programs (both classic UI and new UI) have the ability to render themselves in several different color schemes. What determines which color scheme is used when, and what are the defaults? Before discussing Office 2007, let’s jump back and talk about Office 2003 for…