The Office 2007 UI Bible

I’ve published over 200 posts on this blog since I started it last September. With all of those posts, it can be hard to remember what you’ve read and what you haven’t… and it can be hard for new people to jump in and figure out where to start reading. I’ve been meaning to sit…


Office 2007 Released to Manufacturing

I’m proud to announce that last Friday, November 3 at approximately 2:30 PM, we signed off on build 4518.1014 as the 2007 Microsoft Office system and released it to manufacturing. This was followed by a ship party for everyone in Office including a few minutes of speeches, the traditional sounding of the RTM siren, and…


Final Schema for RibbonX-based Solutions

This morning, I posted the final customUI XML schema for creating Office 2007 RibbonX-based solutions. You can use this schema to develop solutions that will work with the upcoming final release of Office 2007; it will also continue to work just fine with Beta 2 Technical Refresh. The changes from the previous version I posted…


Where Have I Gone?

I know in my last post I said that I’d be gone for a few days… and now those few days have stretched into a few weeks. One of the reasons I’ve been off the blog for a while is that we’ve been extremely busy putting the final touches on Office 2007. Now is the…


Taking a Few Days Off

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for the last week. I wish I could say that I’ve been on a fabulous vacation, but in reality, I spent two weeks on the road, talking to people about the Office 2007 UI. That trip, combined with an extremely busy time trying to help finish up…


RibbonX Updates for B2TR

Today’s Guest Writer: Savraj DhanjalSavraj is a Program Manager on the Office User Experience team focused on user interface extensibility for Office developers. As you may have discovered, we made a few tweaks to the UI developer story in Beta 2 Technical Refresh. The biggest change is the updated Control ID list we published yesterday….


Beta 2 Technical Refresh Available Now

This morning, the Beta 2 Technical Refresh of the 2007 Microsoft Office system became available for download. You can download it now from the Microsoft Download Center. (The download link above is the main download link. You also view the list of all available Beta 2 Technical Refresh updates for client and server by clicking…


Beta 2 Technical Refresh Available Tomorrow

This morning, we announced that starting tomorrow (Thursday, Septemeber 14) you’ll be able to download the Beta 2 Technical Refresh build of Office 2007 (build 4407.1005). Note: There’s a newer post now with the download link. You can keep reading, though, to see a list of what’s new in the Technical Refresh user interface. I’m travelling…


The Quick Customize Menu

One of the new features in the upcoming Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh that I haven’t written about yet is something we call the Quick Customize Menu. As you may know, the Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable part of the UI in which you can add features for quick access. Simply right-click any…


Things of Beauty

One of our goals for the Office 2007 user interface was to make it easier to create beautiful output. In many circumstances, you are judged by the quality of the output you create. And software that helps you create beautiful output makes you look smart and feel good. Many of the features of the new…