Windows, Office, and Exchange Business Launch

Today is the official business launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007.

This means that as of today, businesses can get these products and start deploying them within their organization.

The consumer launch is scheduled for January 30—that's when you'll be able to go into retail stores and buy shrink-wrapped copies of Office and Windows.

You can read all about the business launch, see videos, and participate in the forums here:

Steve Ballmer sent out mail to everyone at Microsoft commemorating today's business launch. Here's in part what he wrote:

"Eleven years ago, Microsoft launched Windows 95 and Office 95 and introduced an era of unprecedented opportunity, transforming the way people do business, share information, and communicate. Today, in New York I announced the business availability of Windows Vista, the 2007 Office System, and Exchange Server 2007. This announcement marks the beginning of the most significant launch in company history, with more than 1 billion people expected to use these products in the next decade.

"The launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Office System, and Exchange Server 2007 is an important milestone in our company's history. The result of incredibly hard work, phenomenal perseverance, and remarkable innovation, they are the most advanced work that Microsoft has ever done. For the last three decades, Microsoft has delivered technologies that embody our belief in the power of software to change the world. Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and Exchange Server 2007 continue this great tradition and I want to congratulate everyone who worked on these products—thank you for your dedication and commitment to making today possible."

You can also read the external version of the mail that was posted on

Want to experience Office 2007 for yourself? Today might be a great day to try taking the new Office for a test drive.

Or, if you want to download a fully-functional trial version, those will be posted online tomorrow, December 1.

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  1. Ben says:

    Will there be a student license (along with a student purchase price) as there has been with the last editions  of office?

  2. Having Beta Tested for many months, before and after the Technical refresh, it’s great to know that it’s finally launched.  Looking forward to downloading the trial tomorrow.

  3. Irwin Jankovic says:

    Can you point to any resources that would help in developing a strategy to prepare and train 2000 users for our implementation of Office 2007.  In particular, if one segments users into various categories like: think they don’t need training, can get by, basic skills, advanced skills and power user, what differences would be implied for learning/training the new product?

  4. DontheCat says:

    Good to hear about the launch. Been using the Office Beta for 5 months now and impressed.

    Btw, is there a difference b’ween the Trial Version and the Beta ?

  5. Francis says:

    Users with install problems may want to check out:

    I could not get the Office trial to install until I removed both my Office beta -AND- the PDF/XPS export plug-in (which is not documented on that web site.)

  6. Stefan KZVB says:

    Now that Office 2007 is launched, I would love to see some blog entries on migration issues and Microsoft’s recommendations!


    * How to migrate autotext entries from older Word installations.

    * I’m sure there are thousands of Powerpoint 4.0 files on many company network drives. But you can’t open Powerpoint 4.0 Files with Powerpoint 2007 anymore… What’s Microsoft’s recommendation to identify them and maybe even migrate them for users?

    * An offline tool helping users to find commands known from older Word installations

    * recommended training for normal and for power users of older Office versions

    * …

  7. Erika Ehrli says:

    Hey! This is a happy day for Microsoft J . Today we start celebrating the consumer release of Windows

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