Get Your Office 2007 Beta 2 Today!

Today’s the big day--I'm so pleased to announce that as of right now, you can download Office 2007 Beta 2 from the Office preview site at

Click the button marked “Try it!” and enter a few pieces of information, and you’re on your way. I tried it out and was downloading in about 3 minutes from the time I clicked the button. (Whoops, I hope I didn’t take someone’s spot…)

The best way to experience the new user interface is simply to try it. No matter what you think of the screenshots you’ve seen or what I’ve written here, consider giving it a test drive for a few weeks. I hope you won’t want to go back to your current version of Office.

Beta 2 isn’t perfect, but it’s proven a great platform for my day-to-day work over the last month. In fact, last weekend I upgraded my home computer to Windows Vista Beta 2 + Office 2007 Beta 2, and I’m writing this post right now using both of them.

Go get it--and spread the word.

Comments (122)

  1. Cryo says:

    Downloading it now. 🙂

    Been waiting for almost a year now, looking forward to finally trying it!

  2. William says:

    How do i install it WITHOUT using the SmartSource software? it wont authenticate User Profile :S (Jams at 75%)

  3. Mal Ross says:

    Stick with it, William. Mine paused at 75% for a few minutes, but eventually got there. 🙂

  4. Robert says:

    This version will not work on a Terminal Server – Grrrr.

  5. Jote says:

    Is there any way to bypass this, excuse le mot, retarded app?

    I have NET 2.0 installed, yet this stupid thing insists on downloading NET 1.1 and installing it. NET 1.1 install fails, and SmartSource fails to install!

  6. Kingsley says:

    Jensen, I love most of the work you guys do, but do me a favor, find the person responsible for the trial download experience and shoot them. I’ve had to enter my email address at least 6 times, including 3 times *after* I verified it. And what next, a downloader for the configurator of the transmogrifier of the installer of the Office Suite?

  7. Kingsley says:

    Aaaand I forgot to mention what a great idea it is to stick the Try Now button inside a Flash animation that takes 5 minutes to load.

  8. William says:

    Thansk Mal for your words of reassurance – i waited (a good 10 minutes) and it worked… :D. DONT GIVE UP TOO EARLY! For those on networks, you can set up proxy stuff once you get past all the other stages. Quite frankly, i’d have prefered the OPTION to download without this app.. (and yes, NET 1.1 -i have 2 so that’s silly – alhtough i didnt restart after teh install, and it’s worked anyway).

  9. Andrew Deren says:

    Is there alternate download link? Maybe provide it in msdn subscription downloads.

    The link provided above gives me:

    An unknown error occurred while processing your request. This is most likely due to a connection failure. Please try again.

    That’s after I go thru all the steps and fill out all the info. Tried several time on different computers.

  10. Qingzi says:

    Is anyone else having problems downloading the beta? I just get ‘Unknown Error’ every time I try.

  11. -Chris C. says:

    Andrew + Qingzi – it isn’t just you

    I’ve tried at least 4 times and gotten the same error all four times.

    I’ll 2nd the "find the person responsible for the trial download experience and shoot them" comment from above.

    Only two of the four times so far has it asked me to confirm the same info.  The most recent time it gave me the "rate yourself (1-9)" page which I haven’t seen in at least a year.  (credit for properly maintaining my answers though)

    Oh well, I’m going camping this weekend anyway – I’ll try again early next week.

  12. Mirek says:

    Yeah, I get the ‘Unknown Error’ (An unknown error occurred while processing your request. This is most likely due to a connection failure. Please try again.) too. I’ve tried 6 times… If it helps, my browser is IE 7, I live in the US, and I have a Wireless connection…

  13. Patrick Schmid says:

    To get around the download manager, just right-click on the product name and choose savce target as on the screen that shows yout the product keys.

  14. Andrew Deren says:

    I’m also trying to download winfx stuff, and half of the links bring me to "download not available" page.

    Does anyone have correct link to Windows SDK for WinFX?

  15. -Chris C. says:


    I would respect you for a "server too busy" error; in fact it would be LESS annoying (because at least it is understandable)

    The "unknown error" is just sloppy IMHO

  16. Norman T says:

    on 7th attempt — unable to establish a network connection — the Configuration options have left me puzzled — wish we had the good old fashioned download option

  17. Robert says:

    The ability to run under a Terminal Server seems to be controlled by which particualar License Key you use. I used the one I got from the Beta site (volume license key) and that DID work under terminal services.

  18. jensenh says:

    Sorry you guys are having so many problems with the download process.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to do with the download process, so I don’t know much about the specific errors you’re seeing.

    I suspect this must be some technology uses for all kinds of downloads… I’m in the process of trying to find someone to forward the feedback to.

  19. Ryan says:

    Initial impressions:

    1) The download process is painfully cumbersome!

    2) The "fade effect" is not as pronounced, but it’s still possible to produce streaks of glowing buttons by mousing around of the ribbon.  I really really wish there were a way to turn the fade-on/fade-off completely OFF!

    3) Office aquired a "Plus"… So I guess the full name of Words is now: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Profession Plus Beta 2.  Or maybe it’s Microsoft Office Profession Plus 2007 Word Beta 2?  Or how about Microsoft Word Professional 2 Office Beta Plus.  I don’t know. 😉

  20. Radha Mukkai says:

    I get a Server Too Busy message. Can you guys fix this?



  21. Chad says:

    Yet another external downloader and this one won’t even install. It’s failing while trying to download .NET 1.1, which is already installed. Really sloppy experience.

  22. Joschka says:

    Another one with an "Unknown error" after answering all the unnecessary questions.

  23. Explorer5 says:

    Jensen, perhaps for a new post you can elaborate as to why the Outlook interface does not have the Ribbon interface, but features within outlook (Write mail, Edit Contacts) do.

    After getting used to the Ribbon – I find that I HATE the old interface!!

  24. Explorer5 says:

    I got the Unknown error too..

    I kept pressing refresh and finally it finished the registration and allowed me to continue.

    Patience people!!

  25. Lemme guess…someone went cheap on the server sizing. I got outlook and onenote to download, then i get BLANK ERRORS on the last stages for Office and Visio.

    Okay, just redownload

    nope. No love

    restart the application

    Nope, dies at 50% of getting my user profile. Oh, even better, it’s now an invalid address

    Go back in through the web site…404 errors.

    Way to go guys. lookin’ real good, real reliable. Way to run a critical beta release. Is the download system beta too?

  26. Andrew Deren says:

    I finally got it to download SmartSource (not so smart really), but it’s failing when doing "user profile data transfer".

    What a terrible experience.

  27. Oh even better, it’s unusable in IE 7.

    Following the reboot, I can’t even get BACK into smartsource to try redownloading the applications.

    This is just a STELLAR way to run a major company release.

  28. Brutus says:

    John C Welch, can you ever voice your complaints without being a total jerk about it?  Your constant trolling of Scoble’s blog is legendary, but I didn’t know you used your "I’m smart, you’re dumb" posting style to *all* Microsoft blogs.

  29. Explorer5 says:

    I’m sorry. I cant bear to hold myself back any longer..

    Don’t you folks realize that

    #1 this is BETA SOFTWARE

      a. You dont pay for it

      b. MS doesnt make money from it

      c. MS is probably spending thousands of dollars for the bandwidth that a release like this requires

    #2 There are probably tens of thousands of people simultaniously downloading a 500 meg download at a 100-200kbps rate (thats what i had at least), think of what exactly that requires, i’m amazed that its working this smoothly.

    #3 This is better than the previous way MS released previous office beta releases – via connect or betaplace where those sites were usually inaccessible for a week after a beta was released, making it impossible for people to even see a webpage saying "click here to download"

    #4 The expiration on these products is in Feb’ 07.

    That means:

       a. Beta 2 ISNT GOING ANYWHERE

       b. there is plenty of time to use it!

    And lastly..


  30. Lester says:

    Just to provide some balance here….

    I downloaded on my first try — it took around 4 hours, but did not have any download problem.

    I am playing with it right now!!

    What a gem…. There are a few quirks, but the overall feeling is wonderful.

  31. Mirek says:

    I just tried it with Firefox and I clicked the button in the left menu (‘Get the Beta’) and it finally worked. It’s weird that neither Office 2007 download and Windows Live Local note saving (although I fixed it with a help from a Microsoft Professional) don’t work (at least for me) in Microsoft’s IE 7. Why do they make websites not compatible with their own product?

  32. Explorer5 says:

    Worked fine for me in IE7.

  33. Dan Dautrich says:

    Congrats on the teams hitting the Beta 2 milestone!  I’m glad to see all of our feedback in action, the product feels even more polished than the Beta 1TR build.  Keep up the great work.

  34. My congratulations!  Now if I could only get past those "server busy" errors and actually download it I’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor (and also provide feedback).


  35. thx says:

    To "Explorer 5"


    Don’t you folks realize that

    #1 this is BETA SOFTWARE

     a. You dont pay for it

     b. MS doesnt make money from it

     c. MS is probably spending thousands of dollars for the bandwidth …

    #2 There are probably tens of thousands of…

    And lastly..  reeeeeeeellllllaaaaxxxxxxxxxx!


    I agree with the sentiment, however…

    (1a) Yes I do pay for it, it cost me time

    (1b) Maybe not, but (i) they want the bugs out now and (ii) this is free buzz/publicity

    (1c) Not relevant, see a+b above

    (2) I would understand a ‘server too busy’ error, plus it would tell me not to try again immediatly – very useful to know.

    Relax?  Ideally sure, but not very realistic in our culture (where "our" = people reading this) when we expect to d/l it and cannot; frustration can/will cause stress 🙂

    Jensen – no one blames you, thanks for trying to find out where to send our problems.  

    (If you do blame Jensen you haven’t been paying attention to this blog… I know EXACTLY what his responsibilities are from reading it)

    My $0.02

  36. GeoffGB says:

    Congrats on reaching the beta 2 early!  

    If you’re gathering feedback, I’m getting stopped at 50% by SmartSource with this message:


    Unable to obtain the user profile for the given user"

  37. Jote says:

    blah blah blah, "it’s a beta", gimme a break. Why not give direct links to .iso files, this SmartSource thing ruined this release for good.

  38. Dan says:

    Congratulations to the entire team!  Beta 2 looks great!  I was able to get all 6 downloads I wanted in about an hour (maybe 1 1/2 MAX – though I was in earlier in the morning) and SmartSource worked fine though I do wish I could resize the window to see more.  There is also a way to just download the .iso or .exe files directly when you get to the screen with the product keys if you want to bypass SmartSource entirely.  Once again great job guys and I personally think it is a good rollout considering the demand there must be worldwide for this.

  39. Dan Z says:

    It worked fine for me (luckily I started downloading it pretty early today). I think SmartSource is a better idea than just downloading a file the regular way…at least if your internet connection or computer fail for some reason, you do not lose the entire download.

    By the way, it is worth any wait…I don’t think I am going to be able to go back to an older version.

  40. Bruce Boughton says:

    There *are* direct links to the downloads! On the page with the keys, the product names are direct links to plain-old HTTP downloads. Please learn to read!

    That said, this hasn’t helped me. I tried installing the base Office package but the setup opened a Dr Watson error reporting dialogue (tho a setup customised one) and I couldn’t commence. I redownloaded but still no joy. And this is one a XP Coporate machine with nothing special, except perhaps IE7 Beta 2.

    Any ideas?

  41. jensenh says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the patience.  The team is aware of the problems and I’ve been told they’re working on fixing them, as well as putting up a page to communicate current issues.

    Hang in there!

  42. -Chris C. says:

    Hey Jensen,

    Thanks for the follow-up!

    Tried again and it worked *REALLY* fast; I guess everyone else gave up, because I got Visio and Office in 12 minutes (~1.2 Mb/sec)

    For reference: it is just after 9 here (Eastern = +8? GMT)


      -Chris C.

  43. LGFN says:

    Excelent job, Jensen!

    Congradulations to you and your entire team, for such a wonderfull UI!

    Thanks a trillion!!!

  44. Guess Who says:


    I got the e-mail but there is no hyperlink to a site that will allow me to download the file. What did I do wrong? here’s the message I got:

    Dear Guess:

    Thank you for your interest in the 2007 Microsoft Office system beta. Inside the 2007 beta you’ll discover many new features and improvements, all designed to help people work more efficiently and productively than ever before. Among them are:

    – A more intuitive user interface

    – Better product integration

    – Improved collaboration tools

    – Enhanced security

    – And more…

    Bookmark the Microsoft Office system preview site – it’s where you’ll find the latest information about the 2007 beta. Visit the Microsoft Office system preview site and discover more today.


    Microsoft Corporation


    This message from Microsoft is an important part of a program, service or product which you or your company purchased or participate in.

    Legal Information.

    To sign up for Microsoft newsletters, receive information about our products or services, or review information youve given us, visit the Web site.

    This communication was sent by the Microsoft Corporation

    Somebody please help me! I want to see 2007. I want to see the future!

  45. Steve B says:

    I successfully downloaded and installed Beta 2!  No problems whatsoever.  Never saw any mention of "SmartSource"; not sure what that’s all about.

    Initial impressions:

    1) Activation isn’t working (so far).

    2) These color schemes need some serious work.

    The "Windows XP (blue)" scheme totally clashes with my XP theme, so I immediately switched to the "Windows Vista (gray)" scheme.  This scheme is far too contrasty, and therefore draws way too much attention to itself.  I’m finding it hard to focus on my work, as the UI is commanding all my attention.  The window borders, title bar, and status bar are fine in black, but all of the interior UI needs to be lightened up quite a bit so as not to contrast so harshly with the typically white working area.  Outlook is particularly bad, with it’s white-text-on-black menus and heavy black dividers between the various UI panes.  As a result, these UI panes don’t feel tied together … it looks like four separate applications floating on the screen rather than four panes of a single application.

    I happen to be using a third-party MSStyles-based XP theme that is modeled after some iteration of Vista Aero, so other than the excessive constrast, the black scheme actually works decently in my environment.  If I were using XP’s built-in Olive Green or Silver themes, though, niether Office 2007 scheme would look good.  We really need more than two choices — or even better, the ability to customize or create our own — or even better, Office 2007 needs to match whatever system theme is currently being used instead of doing something different.

    The ability to customize the colors and appearance of our UI has been standard practice since at least the Windows 3.x days.  It seems that as UIs become flashier, this ability is being increasingly watered down or eliminated entirely.  Doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.  I’d rather have a boring, Win9x-style UI that I can easily customize at least the color of than a cool, flashy UI that only comes in a handful of color schemes that I hate.

    Some screenshots of my desktop, with normal applications and Office 2007 for comparison:

    Normal applications:

    Outlook 2007:

    Word 2007:

  46. Jeff says:

    Nothing happens when you click the "Try it" button in Firefox, unless you have flash installed.  Am not installing flash to install Office.

    Jensen, you might want to put up a more direct link to the download that doesn’t require flash?

    For example:

  47. KerryF says:

    Downloaded and am running it.  I sure hope it gets faster!  Opening existing Excel spreadsheets and selecting cells is sloooow.  Graph with trend lines are all mixed up (I will report this).

    I have a 2Ghz machine with a gig of RAM that is defragged every night and it is painful to use this.  I sure hope the final version makes me a believer!

  48. Raine says:

    I’m having problem with activating the Beta.


    "The Activation Wizard is unable to find a connect to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working properly and retry activation in a few minutes."

    Any help?

  49. ph says:

    same thing… activation not working 🙁

  50. What’s the reasoning behind the different downloading mechanism?

  51. jauco says:

    Hey, I think MS is solving most of the problems while you speak, cause the download runs fine here (direct link, and a ‘too busy’ message when the server was full.)

    Anyway, my real question:

    is it possible to run both offices next to each other?

  52. John Waller says:

    >>>I’m having problem with activating the Beta.


    "The Activation Wizard is unable to find a connect to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working properly and retry activation in a few minutes."

    Same here. I’m on ADSL2+ broadband.

    OneNote 2007 finally activated after I clicked Activate about 10 times.

    No luck getting Office 2007 to activate though after about 100 attempts.

  53. Eugene Zolotko says:

    The activation does not work!

    Same message:

    "The Activation Wizard is unable to find a connect to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working properly and retry activation in a few minutes."

    Is says I have 43 times remaining to run the applications 🙁

  54. Evgeni Gubenya says:

    The activation failed

    I’ve got a message:

    "The Activation Wizard is unable to find a connect to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working properly and retry activation in a few minutes."

  55. Bruce Boughton says:

    Are there any hashes of the file available to check I’ve not got corrupt files?

  56. No Brutus, in fact, I am physically unable to comply with your request. I have a condition called "SpeakTheTruthPlainlyitis" and it requires me to, upon finding a problem, point out that problem in a clear, direct manner, along with the implications of that problem. It’s even worse when it’s an obviously bungled issue caused be a desire to make things far more complex than needed by a committee of the clueless, or confronted with the irony of someone decrying bad etiquette in a completely rude manner themselves.

    As of yet, there is no cure for "SpeakTheTruthPlainlyitis", or STTPI, but I assure you that Microsoft, indeed all big business, and the  politicians of the world are working feverishly to find a cure so that they may never encounter the horror of unvarnished honesty and sarcasm again.

    Thank you for your support.

  57. Darrin says:

    Love the new look. The issue Im having is that It wont activate. I only have about another 25 launches left before it becomes disabled. Keeps saying it cant find an internet connection. 🙁

  58. DreamThief says:

    Got it yesterday, am using it today. There was a little issue this morning with the default mail client while using Outlook, but the repair worked well. It is probably most likely because I still have Office 2003 installed. I saw no rules insisting that I should uninstall it first, so I didn’t. But my guess, from previous installs of Office upgrades, this is the problem.

    Point to remember here is to export everything to backup storage before uninstalling old office and installing new office…bad memories…bad times

    I like the whole look of the Outlook even though I am not a pastel fan. I can see I have nine things to do today and that on the calendar there are meetings scheduled for Friday. I have a crowded desk and not much mouse space, so the compartmentalized and tabbed layout is good for me.

    Over the weekend, I’ll be working on my next book and will delve head first into Word. but today I’ll be leaning heavily on the Excel program.

    I hope someone will give me a nudge when Frontpage 2007 comes out….and here’s another thing on that note…Why do they teach Dreamweaver in school and not Frontpage? My son and I have to teach each other how to use these programs and he’s smarter than me….its not fair…

  59. -Chris C. says:

    > No Brutus, I am [emotionally] unable to comply with your

    > request. I have a condition called "SpeakTheTruthPlainlyitis"…

    Sounds more like NeedsAttention-itis

    > there is no cure

    No, time is the cure.  (i.e. most people grow out of it)

  60. C. Moya says:

    1) Excel and PowerPoint STILL have the same confusing, horrible MDI /

    fake-sdi interface. How hard is it to get Word’s true SDI right? Even

    better, implement a nice TABBED document interface. Give the taskbar a

    break. This is a showstopper.

    2) Dialogs are just as unattractive- and more importantly, unintuitive- as

    ever… in fact they look completely untouched. For instance, Word’s Modify

    Style dialog box (with the unintuitively placed Modify button in the lower

    left hand side) is just as unweildy as ever. Excel’s equation dialog doesn’t

    look like it’s been touched since Windows 3.1.

    3)  Why does resizing Word’s window not resize the view? How do we get a Text

    Width view? Oh, now I have to go into dialog box to do it?! You gotta be

    kidding me. Word’s "view" of a document is just as distracting and annoying

    as ever.

    4) No *unified* Template Center / Gallery / Task Manager? Office has needed

    an attractive, nicely designed Task Manager for a long time. The old New /

    Open tools were a beginning but they were never IMPROVED. The idea wasn’t

    bad…. it just wasn’t followed through on. Often, I’ll need to create a

    document but not sure which app to use (Word or Publisher… I don’t know!!!

    I’m so confused! Let me call IT…. wait I am IT!!!).

    There’s more… but these are biggies. So far, I don’t see much in this

    version of Office that is especially compelling. The exploded menu bar (aka ribbon) notwithstanding.

  61. J. Herrell says:

    Anyone get the activation to work on Office Professional Plus?

  62. Blair says:

    Is there (will there be) a newsgroup dedicated to Office 2007 Beta issues?

  63. Ah, gee chris, I’m sorry. Was i not supposed to do anything but cheer a clearly broken, not well-thought out, badly planned, and hastily implemented process?

    Because it seems to me, that other than ego stroking, ignoring a clearly fubar’d process is a very bad idea. When you have to go through complex, inane, nigh-ineffable processes just to get a serial number and download a file, that does a number of things, all of them bad:

    It makes people whose job  it is to test things like this to see if the improvements are worth an immediate migration, or if we should wait a while for things to get out of OMGNEW!!!-ville, and maybe delay the migration for a year or more lean heavily towards the latter, because if Microsoft can’t even get downloading a file to work simply and clearly, my confidence in the product I’m downloading working well drops. If you can’t get the little things right, the big things are usually messed up too.

    It puts us in a bad mood about the product. This is not good when there’s already going to be a *significant* training cost due tot he new UI and other changes that didn’t exist in 2003. Considering that we’ll be able to use the file format of 2007 in 2003, again, this is not good for that check-writing hand.

    It makes us less likely to even test it, and just say "Don’t bother upgrading until the first update. They can’t even get the download right". You get enough people doing that, and Office’s revenues make the frowny-face.

    Microsoft keeps acting like the initial experience, the "opening the box" part, whether physical or virtual doesn’t matter, and that they can totally bork that, and people won’t care. So, they piss people off, and then wonder why the people evaluating things are perhaps harsher than they need to be.

    I know that once I get done installing it, I’m probably going to wait a week to do anything with it, *specifically* so my frustration with "opening the box" isn’t coloring my experience, and I can give 2007 a more objective test.

    I’m pretty sure the Office team wants none of that happening, but that’s what *is* happening, and no amount of cheerleading or "It’s just a BETA" is going to change that. I have a finite amount of time to do real – world testing. The more the overall experience sucks, the worse my opinion of the tested product is going to be.

  64. Having read Jensen’s blog about Microsoft Office 2007 over the last months I’ve been itching to give it a try and see what’s new. At long last Beta 2 is available and I installed it this morning: First of all…

  65. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know how to get the search to work for winxp x64? Everytime I open office app I get dialog to install search component and takes me to a page where I can download it, but when I run the setup it says that it’s not for my platform.

  66. Jon Willis says:

    The activation problems (see the community boards for a sustained shriek of frustration from hundreds of people) are annoying, but I downloaded five packages in about 20 minutes with no problems, and they all seem to work great (apart from that niggling issue with activation …). It is SO nice not to have outlook crashing on html mails.

  67. Biff says:

    Chris, as you might note this troll’s condition is complicated by a chronic Slashdot-titis. Ignore it and it will go away.

    Mr. Belch, say hi to aaron kempf on your way out.

  68. Biff says:

    Chris, as you might note this troll’s condition is complicated by a chronic Slashdot-titis. Ignore it and it will go away.

    Mr. Belch, say hi to aaron kempf on your way out.

  69. TJ van Aarde says:

    I managed to get office 2007 beta up and running it looks great. Besides the problem of activation which i am sure will go away within a week, I only have one major problem so far: Most of the email I send out using a pop3 account on MS Outlook 2007 beta come out blank with no content on the other side. Is anybody else experiencing this problem?


  70. Aled says:

    Just installed office 2007 beta2 and first impressions are that it looks pretty impressive.  Is there a proper route for giving feedback on this beta? Perhaps something like the "MSDN Product feedback centre"?

    For some reason on my setup, the options dialogs for Word, Excel, Access don’t appear at all. For example, if I press the ‘logo’ button in Word and click on the "Word Options" button, nothing happens. No dialog, nothing! Strange.

  71. -Chris C. says:

    > I’m going to wait a week… so my frustration with "opening the box" isn’t coloring my experience

    It’s sad that you give someone else the power to affect your attitude like that.

    > Chris, as you might note this troll’s condition is complicated by a chronic Slashdot-titis. Ignore it and it will go away.

    I try to help [shrug]

    Apparently I’ve thrown pearls to swine, but it certainly isn’t the first time.

  72. Roma says:

    Most people are having activation problem who downloaded the freely available verion. I see the beta testers have different VLK keys for this beta. I’m uninstalling office and will try to install it with VLK key. I think it will not ask for activation for Volume License (beta tester) key…

  73. Norway says:

    I activate Office 2007 Beta 2 by deactivating my firewall.

    Ps! after you hav activated Office remember to activate the firewall.

  74. Roma says:

    Which firewall are you talking about? Windows Firewall? I tried, it didnt help.

  75. Roma says:

    Ok, it’s not the firewall… MS fixed the Activation thing.

  76. Norway says:

    My windows firewall was of, and i use Norton Antivirus 2006 and deactevated Auto-Protect and Protection agains Internett-worms. Then I activate office.

    You can check out this link :

  77. Tony says:

    Tried all day to activate. Once I did shut off my firewall (AVG) connected and activated within seconds. Thanks for the help!

  78. KJK::Hyperion says:

    Doesn’t work on Terminal Server, which is STUPID, RETARDED, ASININE, since I can just run it in VMware, and it’s a FREE PUBLIC BETA anyway

    Completely worthless for me

  79. steveg says:

    Where’s the best place to send feedback? First few things I jotted down:

    1) The Options box is hard to find.

    2) The File menu’s Options & Exit don’t make any sense to me as buttons on a menu. Why not Menu items? (maybe no one uses Exit anymore, but it looks like a dialog button on a dialog – I think (early days) there’s a certain lack of consistency in dialog vs menu vs things that look like menus vs things that look like dialogs)

    3) About’s too hard to find (covered before on this blog).

    4) I really miss the Window menu, and I always turn off the Windows in Taskbar option (I usually have a dozen things or more open). No compatibility option for it.

    5) No shortcut keys on the supertooltips. A nice option would be to show the Ribbon navigation and any actual shortcut keys.

    6) Didn’t see anyway to customise shortcut keys.

    7) Help refers to 2003 menus that no longer exist (fair enuf, it’s beta).

    8) can’t use the arrow keys to navigate between menus that appear off the ribbon (eg can’t move to the control the left by pressing left)

    9) I thought a few things weren’t very discoverable — it’s a very different experience searching for a command in the ribbon than looking throught a menu.

    (i did spend a reasonable amount of time trying to find things. I even read the help a few times).

    The ribbon uses the entire length of the screen — I wonder if discoverability is better on narrower screens?

    10) My favourite gripe, and I apologise if you’re tired of me saying it, is I really, really don’t like the Office Logo == File menu metaphor. One hint it’s a bad design is the accelerator is still Alt+F. Does anybody apart Marketing think it’s a good idea? Honestly?

  80. Jeff says:

    Steve, maybe the discussions went something like this:

    OfficeExec 1: The Windows team is replacing the word ‘Start’ in the Start menu with a  Windows logo.

    OfficeExec 2: What if we replaced our File menu with our Office logo?  And make our logo bigger than the Windows logo.  This will make our team rise in stature and Ballmer will bow to our e-penii.

    OfficeExec 1: Let’s do it!

  81. Frustrated says:

    Installed and activated with no problems, however all emails I send appear fine when typing but when view in Sent and what the other person sees is completely blank!

    Anyone know how to fix it?

  82. Frustrated says:

    Installed and activated with no problems, however all emails I send appear fine when typing but when view in Sent and what the other person sees is completely blank!

    Anyone know how to fix it?

  83. asctony says:

    Office 2007 Beta 2 running OK. However, having problems with Outlook.

    1. Outlook Seems to freeze up.

    2.Restart it in Safe Mode and it failes to launch.

    3. Start ‘Detect & Repair.’

    4. Finally starts.

    5. Get notice to download Instant Search Feature for Outlook 12.

    6. Download and try to install Instant Search and it does not load. Aborts.

    Anyone encounter this, too?

  84. asctony says:

    When I installed Office 2007 Beta 2 I tried to keep my Office 2003 intacked. However, even though I installed 2007 in a different folder, 2007 still corrupted 2003. I will uninstall 2003.

    1. How long we will be able to use Beta 2?

    2. Will we have to pay for 2007 and the updates when 2007 goes final?

    Greatly appreciate any answers. Thank you.

    Tony n MI

  85. Frustrated says:

    Licence only works until 1st Feb 2007, if you do not buy a licence after that point you will only have limited functionality and no updates!

    Anyone else having the blank emails thing?  Uninstalled and reinstalled, still exactly the same.  Uninstalled and put Outlook 2003 back on and the problem goes away.

  86. asctony says:

    Thank you for the info on the License!

    Has anyone uninstalled an older version of Office after installing 2007? My concern is that when I do an unistall of Office 2003, the uninstall may also delete some of the 2007 stuff?

    Tony n MI

  87. Alvaro says:

    Do anyone can fix the email blank thing?? Im trying with everything but it doesnt work

  88. Tim S says:

    So far, so good on the beta.  Just a couple comments:

    – To be more efficient in Outlook 2007, if a user only has one signature setup, the default ribbon button should just insert the sig w/o a second click.  Right now when I click the button I get a dropdown.

    – While I find the overall blue theme very muted, it seems that the ribbon buttons are often very bright.  Is there a middle ground from a color scheme perspective.

  89. Alvaro says:

    Yep I got it, just disable the AVG antivirus plug-in and voila, I can see the incoming emails.

    The blank email problem disapear

  90. Frustrated says:

    Regards the blank emails, receiving them is fine I can view them no problem (antivirus installed NOD32).   It is the outgoing emails that are the problem, they look fine as you type, spell check and then press send.   Unfortunately the other person only gets a blank email and if you look in the sent box you will see it only sent a blank email.

    I did not have this problem with beta 1 and yes I did uninstall beta 1 before installing beta 2.   Outlook 2003 works perfectly so I am completely baffled

  91. Stefan KZVB says:

    Ok, just tried out beta 2 for the first time. I liked much of the new ui, anyway there are some issues in usability:

    – I could not find in the new ui how to crop a selected picture (inserted from the clipboard). The picture was selected. I would also suggest to put up a context menu after dragging the edge points of the picture with the right mouse button, which would i.e. show entries to crop or resize the picture. (like Copy or Move when dragging a file in Explorer)

    – I don’t like the idea of having still this office menu for new, open, save, etc. Those commands should be in Tabs as well. At the start I did not even expect the symbol would do anything at least not show a menu upon clicking

    – Print Preview should be located in the View Tab or at least be easier to access in the Menu (currently its a sub item of print)

    – I could not locate something like  Insert Tab /Section Break

  92. Alvaro says:

    I think that some antivirus dont work with this new Outlook, so try to disabel the plug-in. I can send and recive emails without problems.

  93. Allan says:

    I get a setup error

    "Setup could not find any available products to install.  Please contact your system administrator."

  94. Neil says:

    I was having the blank e-mail problem for just receiving e-mails. I followed Alvaro’s advice and turned off the AVG plug-in and now I am able to see new incoming e-mails.

  95. Steve B says:

    There’s a lot I don’t like about the Office-logo button thingy in the upper-left hand corner (what’s the correct term for that widget, again?).  I’m in general agreement with the rest of the negative comments that have been posted about that control; I won’t repeat them here.

    Having said that, there is one good thing about the widget from a usability point of view:  When the application window is maximized, I can very quickly access the menu by throwing my mouse cursor to the upper left corner of the screen — no precision cursoring is required.

    Unfortunately, the Quick Access Toolbar is another story.  When the application window is maximized, there’s a row of dead pixels at the top of the QAT.  I can’t simply throw my cursor to the top of the screen to access items of the QAT; I have to throw it to the top and then move it down a few pixels.  This makes accessing items on the QAT much slower and more frustating than it could be.

    Extend the hot zone for the QAT icons up one pixel, and the QAT will truely be an effecient way to access often-used functionality.

  96. Steve B says:

    It’s cool and useful that I can add individual functionality groups from the ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar.  For example, I can add the Font group from the Home tab to the QAT.

    However, it would be even more useful if I could add entire tabs to the QAT.  For example, I’d like to add the entire Home tab to the QAT as a single icon.

    If I could do this, I would add each of the tabs to my QAT, hide the ribbon, and access everything from the QAT, thereby maximizing my document area and minimizing the space used by UI.  I supposed I could do essentially the same thing now by adding all of the various functionality groups from all of the ribbon tabs to the QAT, but that would take up a bunch of space on the QAT.  I might not have room for everything; especially if the window isn’t maximized.

    And, if I could move entire ribbon tabs to the QAT, it would be cool if I could also hide the ribbon entirely — including hiding the tab names that currently remain visible when you collapse the ribbon.  (If I’ve moved everything to the QAT, those names become redundant.)

  97. Terry B says:

    I get the same error as Allan. Has there been a resolution to this issue? I get this error after I decompress the file and try to run it from the hard drive.

    If I place the files on a CD and try to load it that way it tells me that it does not support my language. I downloaded the english version and my Windows is the english version.

  98. Matt Melxxx says:

    Between the removal of numerous features from Vista, obvious performance issues, and lack of new features in Office 2007 I am greatly disappointed that these flag ship titles are not up to par considering Microsoft has taken this long to release new versions.

    I guess if the corporate execs at MS spent more time caring about the quality of their products instead of worrying about how many lawsuits they have to settle then maybe MS customers would be more satisfied.

    Matt – MCSE, MCT

  99. Joseph says:

    # re: Get Your Office 2007 Beta 2 Today! @ Tuesday, May 23, 2006 2:03 PM

    The ability to run under a Terminal Server seems to be controlled by which particualar License Key you use. I used the one I got from the Beta site (volume license key) and that DID work under terminal services.



    What do you mean? Do you have to be a member of MSDN?


  100. Nathan says:

    Anyone have a key that works with Terminal services. Mine installed OK but when i run it it says its not supported to run on terminal services and then shuts down. Very annoying

  101. Thom says:

    I get the blank e-mails.  Would someone please tell me what to do.  I have AVG Free version and I have disabled it but it doesnt seem to make any difference.  It seems the only way to read my e-mails is to uninstall the Beta version and load Outlook 2003.

  102. Thom says:

    I’ve found the solution!  What you have to do is switch off the e-mail certificate in AVG anti-virus.  This won’t help with e-mails you’ve alrady received but it will allow new e-mails to be readable.


  103. Titania says:

    It seems that after downloading Office 2007 Beta 2, my Outlook 2003 was disabled or something. Then several days after downloading Beta 2, it refused to open up, saying there was an error that kept it from locating the correct file. So I  ended up removing Beta 2 and redownloading.

    NOW I get the same errors, and I can’t remove it from my computer anymore either because it says:

    Setup could not find any available products to install.  Please contact your system administrator.

    What am I suppose to do?

  104. Wendy says:

    The link doesn’t even work anymore! Does anyone have the same problem?

    I have a CD key but I’m missing the link. If someone could send me a link, that’d be great.


  105. Max says:

    I have been using Office 2007 for a while without too many teething problems. Just recently, however, Outlook 2007 has stopped opening hyperlinks and I get the message:

    "Unable to open (Link). No program is registered to open this file. An OLE registration error occurred. Run setup again for the program." Just wondering if anyone else has struck this problem. Thanks.

  106. Max says:

    Just in case anyone ever drops in here I’ve solved the problem myself. Quite by accident, I discovered that IE was not my default browser altho it is my only browser. Making it my default browser solved the problem. Possibly something to do with me downloading IE 7.0 beta 3.


  107. Christine says:

    I CANNOT GET OUTLOOK 2003 with BCM TO OPEN! Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, detect and repair….NO EMAIL! AND NO CALENDAR! AND NO CONTACT info! I’m dead! AND I feel stupid for downloading a beta in the first place!

    Anyone out there with answers????


  108. kanthi says:

    hi to all any one need the office 2007 beta 2 we may deal and u may pay some money its size in self extractive folder is 440mb

  109. Izzee says:

    do we get a discount from microsoft for trying the better, or are they to tight?

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