Office 2007 UI Greets Canada

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak at the April Vancouver User Experience (VanUE) meeting.

The venue at a theater in the Vancouver Film School was quite nice--unfortunately there weren't quite enough seats to go around and some people had to stand through the presentation. A huge thanks to Ben Skelton who extended the invite and organized the event. He mentioned that he'll be trying out Office 2007 Beta 2 on his Mac (through Boot Camp)--I thought that was pretty cool.

One of the people in attendance put up some pictures of the event. I thought this one was pretty funny--I look like I'm giving some sort of sermon on the complexity of the old UI. And here's an adorable picture of me and Clippy.

Anyway, I had a great time speaking and the audience asked great questions. I'm always willing to stand and answer questions as long as people have them, but in this case, Ben finally had to step in and send everyone home (or else we might have been there all night!)

The slides from the presentation, entitled "Beyond Menus and Toolbars in Microsoft Office," are available in PDF form on the VanUE web site. (Created with the built-in PDF generation in Office 2007, of course!)

Thanks again to everyone who braved a cold and wet night to come chat about UI!

Comments (9)

  1. Gabe says:

    Now that you mention Office running on Macs, do you have any idea what are the plans for the new interface on Mac Office?

    I would be particularly interested to see how it interacts with the menu bar.

  2. Toro says:

    9.7 megabytes for 75 slides with many screen shots is not too bad!

  3. ChrisC says:

    The thought of clippy being adorable… oh never mind :—)

  4. Hey Jensen,

    Great talk!  Was really interesting and inspirational to see and hear how this UI came together. I had a couple follow up questions…

    1.  What are the IP restrictions around using ribbons in a UI?  Specifically as it relates to building commercial UI components.

    2.  Do you have any more info about the web spreadsheet, possibly written in DHTML that you mentioned?

    Thanks again for making the trek north!  It was great to meet you.

    Can’t wait to play with office.

  5. jensenh says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    1) Stay tuned for an official story here in the coming months.  I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know too much about the area.  Microsoft certainly does have IP in the new UI.

    2) You can find out about Excel Services here:

  6. Thanks Jensen.  That’s exactly what I was looking for on the Excel side of things.  I’ll hold tight for Ribbon info.

    Thanks again.

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