Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Today, the product I've been blogging about for the last six months as Office
officially became the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Along with the naming announcement, pricing and packaging information has
revealed, and you can

find all of the details on the Microsoft web site

In particular, I'm jazzed about the very affordable Microsoft Office Home and
Student 2007 which, in addition to all the improvements I've been telling you
about in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, also includes the great new OneNote 2007. Of course there are
several different versions available to meet your needs, so you should

check them all out

Now is also a great time to
sign up to receive a copy of
Beta 2
on the Office preview site. We're committed to shipping a great Beta 2
for you, and so I hope you'll
let us send it to you to try out

when it's available.

This 2007 release has really been a labor of love for so many
of us. It's been said many times that this is the most significant Office
release in over a decade--maybe ever. I believe that's true, but more
personally, I know it's a release that the team is really proud of and are working
so hard to get in your hands.

There are improvements and innovations in so many key areas: user interface, open
file formats, a new graphics engine, redesigned charting and diagramming,
workflow and business process integration, instant search, RSS, and time
management in Outlook, document themes support across the apps, a redesigned
Access, a new OneNote, SharePoint, and SharePoint Designer, Groove, Publisher,
Project... and this only scratches the surface. I'm leaving out
literally hundreds and hundreds of improvements, huge and small.

For those of us working on the new user interface for the 2007 Office
system, it's tweak tweak tweak as we work every day to improve the product based
on the feedback given by so many of you.

There's still a lot of work left to get the product ready, but 2006 will be the year productivity
software takes a huge leap forward.

It is an honor to have you along for the ride.

Comments (34)

  1. Max Palmer says:


    I agree. The availabilty of Office Home looks great! It’s good to have PowerPoint, Word and Excel (and OneNote) in a single, affordable package for use at home.

    Why 2007 though? Won’t it ship this year? If so, the title could be a bit confusing but I guess there’s a bit of future proofing going on …


  2. Sam says:

    Will Beta 2 be available for download for MSDN Subscribers / MS Partners?

  3. v-henlee says:

    Where is the FrontPage12?

  4. Derek says:

    Hmmm. Looks like being a great product, but a lousy name. "Microsoft Office 2007" would have been better, if boring. But "2007 Microsoft Office"?? It just doesn’t sound right. I guess we’ll all be calling it "Microsoft Office 2007". Can we look forward to similarly named products in the future, such as "2008 Visual Studio"?

  5. jensenh says:


    FrontPage has been discontinued, but its code base lives on in two different products: Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Expression Web Designer.

  6. jensenh says:


    I didn’t have anything to do with the naming, but you have my personal permission to call it Office 2007. 🙂

  7. jensenh says:


    I don’t know if that’s been decided or announced yet.  The safest bet would be to sign up to receive Beta 2 on the Office preview site.

  8. John Topley says:

    Yeuch! The "System" moniker lives on! 🙁

  9. Dave Solimini says:

    Wait — frontpage has been discontinued? huh?

  10. ale says:

    Hmmm… "2007 Microsoft Office System" sounds oddly…

    And where is the Visio? It is not a part of Office System from now?

  11. Tom Bradley says:

    Maybe it should have been called 2007: Microsoft Odyessy.  That would make much more sense.

  12. Scott says:

    All that effort and they end up using the same naming system as cars:

    1) Model year (And use release year + 1, so the product seems fresher)

    2) Manufacturer.

    3) Model.

    4) Option package.

  13. Whick Wherther says:

    No including Outlook in the Student/home package effectively removes me from the potential buyer list.

  14. Jensenn, can we get a OneNote discount option if we buy any version of Office?  Its ridiculous I have buy the at full retail price when upgrading, and that its only available in Home&Student.  At the very least, why not make it an option for 2007 Office Pro?

  15. N. Coffey says:

    Jensen, I didn’t think it would ever happen, but following your blog for the last few months has actually got me *excited* about seeing this new version of Office.  I signed up to get notified when Beta 2 is out, because I really can’t wait to get my hands (mouse?) on the new UI.

  16. Ben R. says:

    I couldn’t find licensing details for the Home and Student version. I’m assuming the name means it’s no longer restricted to students. However, are there any other restrictions? Could I buy it and legally use it for freelance editorial work, for example?

  17. kelly says:

    I find it odd that "Home" is missing Outlook. I would much rather have Outlook then Onenote.

  18. Mark Nelson [MSFT] says:


    Visio continues to be part of the Microsoft Office System.  It is sold as a separate product from the Microsoft Office "suites" that bundle several apps together.

  19. Abigail says:

    I suspect that Marketing figures most home users don’t have sophisticated enough e-mail to require Outlook. Probably they only use webmail, or Outlook Express at best.

  20. jensenh says:

    My understanding of the Home & Student Edition is that it is not restricted (i.e. anyone can buy it.)  This is unlike the current Student & Teacher edition.

    If you’re looking for a bundle with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook instead, Microsoft Office Basic 2007 includes these apps (and includes upgrade pricing.)

    And FYI, I don’t know anything more about this than what I’m reading in the documents on the web sites linked above. 🙂

  21. GRiNSER says:

    man, no outlook in home/students edition and no onenote in other editions than home/students and the full blown enterprise edition, what the heck?

  22. Jote says:

    Is it "2007 Microsoft Office" or "Microsoft Office 2007"? Most websites mention the second one… Which is the OFFICIAL one?

  23. Paul says:

    I gotta ask…


    Who came up with that name?!

  24. MH says:

    Paul: My guess is Ray Ozzie.  It’s a company Microsoft acquired.

  25. ChrisC says:

    Derek (et. al.)

    > a great product, but a lousy name. "Microsoft Office 2007" would have been better, if boring. But "2007 Microsoft Office"?? It just doesn’t sound right.

    I agree, it doesn’t sound right.

    However, "2007 Microsoft Office" will appear at the TOP of most sorted lists (because numbers sort before letters).  I expect some ‘marketing weasel’ within MSFT got a promotion for coming up with that fact.

    (A side effect is that ALL OF THE NEW VERSIONs will be in one convenient place next to each other in the list)

    But I expect most retailers who don’t stock it will go to the "Microsoft…" part of the list without noticing this fact and won’t be able to find it.  🙂  

    Just my $0.02,

      -Chris C.

  26. pli says:

    1. It looks like the new Home/Student version will only be installable on 1 PC.  The current Student & Teacher edition allows 3 installs.  What a great way to jack up the price.

    2. I wish someone in Microsoft’s Marketing dept would publish a blog like Jensen does to give us a view as to why their product names have to be changing constantly and there seems to be absolutely no consistency from one version to the next.

  27. jensenh says:


    1) I think Home & Student still has a 3 PC license.

    2) I’d like to read that too!

  28. John Waller says:

    >>1) I think Home & Student still has a 3 PC license.

    Seems right.

    Although according to

    "the home version of Office can be used on up to three PCs in a home, but cannot be upgraded to a future version of Office. "

    Is that the case?

  29. jensenh says:

    Also, John, I read that same article and I think when they say:

    "it cannot be upgraded to a future version of Office"

    what they really mean is:

    "it is not eligible for upgrade pricing to a future version of Office"

    Not that there will be a technical limitation.

  30. Mark Freedman says:

    No Outlook in the home edition???  That is ridiculous, IMO, especially at that price.  I feel strongly that any software targeting students and home users over $100 is a huge mistake.

    Great blog, fascinating reading, and exciting possibilities for Office.  I’m sure you guys realize how much of an impact you have over the direction of UI design throughout the industry, so it makes sense how much thought you put into the new UI.

    But I wish the marketing team was as progressive as the development team.

  31. Michael Ryan says:

    I believe it is crazy to release the Home and Student edition without Outlook.  Outlook Express is a joke, and I don’t like webmail.

    The Home and Student edition is the only one *without* Outlook.  What the hell were they thinking?

    Now they are expecting a Home/Student use to spend over $480 to install the latest version of Office and Outlook on 3 systems?  That just plain sucks, especially when you can get the Office 2003 Student/Teacher for $150.

    I suppose I’ll just upgrade to the 2003 Student/Teacher edition, and wait until the next Office release.  Of perhaps I’ll just stick with Thunderbird.

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