How To Optimize Your March Madness Bracket with Azure Machine Learning

In the latest episode of DevRadio, I interviewed Damon Hachmeister from the Azure Machine Learning team.  Damon runs a competition for Microsoft employees to see who can best predict the results of the NCAA March Madness Tournament using Azure Machine Learning.  Last year, he won second place himself, and he walks us through his algorithm. …


Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict Who Will Survive the Titanic

One of my “Introduction to Azure Machine Learning” talks demonstrates how to use Azure Machine Learning to make predictions.  The example I use is predicting whether a passenger on the Titanic will survive, given information like their age, gender, class of ticket, ticket fare, etc.  (You can download the Titanic dataset from Kaggle.)  But these…


Eat Sleep Code podcast on Azure Machine Learning

I was honored to be asked to speak on the Eat Sleep Code podcast by Telerik’s Ed Charbeneau on the topic of machine learning.  We talked about what machine learning is, what it can do, and how it works.  Then we chatted about Azure Machine Learning specifically and how to use Azure Machine Learning Studio. …


MLConf Atlanta 2015 Keynote: Fun with Mind Reading

I was honored to deliver the opening keynote at ML Conf Atlanta on September 18, 2015.  The entire event was recorded and is available at  I spoke on my lie detector work.  Using the EPOC+ headset from Emotiv, I captured EEG (brainwave) data from people when they were telling the truth and when they…


How to win a hackathon using Azure Machine Learning

You can do some amazing work with machine learning.  Predict how many crimes will occur in a city in a timeframe, based on historical data.  Identify signs of diabetic retinopathy in eye images to help diagnose the disease in areas with limited access to doctors.  Discover correlations between driving patterns and the need for car…


Choosing an Azure Machine Learning Algorithm

When getting started with Azure Machine Learning, the hardest part for many developers is staring down the list of Azure machine learning algorithms (there are currently 25 of them) and trying to figure out which one would work best.  In this blog post, I will provide some resources for helping you choose the right algorithm. …


Data Ingestion in Azure Machine Learning

How do you get data into Azure Machine Learning, and where can you find interesting sources of data?  I tackle these questions in this blog post and this video.  Enjoy in whatever format you prefer. 


Joseph Sirosh on Connected Cows

I have heard Joseph Sirosh tell this story at multiple conferences, and I LOVE IT.  If you’re into the Internet of Things/big data/analytics, take 8.5 minutes and watch it right now – you won’t regret it.  Awesome story.  Quick summary: Cows go into heat for a very short window (12-18 hours every 21 days, often…


Technology & Friends: Mind Reading and Machine Learning

I was very honored to have been asked to be on another episode of David Giard’s webcast Technology & Friends.  In this episode, we discussed my latest project: using a headset from Emotiv which reads EEG waves from your brain and sending that data into Azure Machine Learning to do lie detection (attempt to predict…


Global Energy Forum Keynote Demo: Resources

The Internet of Your Things: From Oil Pipelines to Data Pipelines The Microsoft Global Energy Forum 2015 was held on Wed April 22, 2015 in Houston, TX.  This conference hosted over 400 business and technology leaders in the oil & gas domain.  I was honored to have written code and presented at the opening keynote…