AI for Earth Grant Recipient Videos and Coding Challenge

Earth Day is April 22, and next year (2020) will be the 50th anniversary!  Leading up to that day, I’d love to share some videos which highlight the amazing work that our AI for Earth grant recipients are doing, using machine learning to solve hard challenges in agriculture, water, climate change, and biodiversity.  Wild Me…


“AI for Earth” at O’Reilly AI Conference

On April 30-May 2, 2018, I represented the AI for Earth team at the O’Reilly AI conference in New York City.  I was honored to present a keynote on using machine learning, the IoT, drones, and networking to reduce world hunger.  My keynote is available at, and an interview is available at  


TechDays Sweden 2017

I had the honor of presenting one of the keynotes at TechDays Sweden.  The recording is available at


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Talks from Leaders Paris 2017

I was very honored to deliver two talks at Leaders Paris 2017: a main stage talk “Innovations in AI and Machine Learning” and a workshop “AI Now!”  The talks were posted to YouTube and are available now. In the “Innovations in AI and Machine Learning” talk, I discussed some of Microsoft’s recent innovations in artificial…


The Powerful Machine Learning Behind Bing Predicts

The last time I was in Redmond, I got the opportunity to speak with the Bing Predicts team.  The Bing Predicts team uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming events, like sporting events, reality TV shows, award shows, and political elections.  I first spoke with Walter Sun, the founder…


Live from Build 2016: Videos

At Build 2016, I interviewed some of Microsoft’s great technologists in the exciting areas of IoT, big data, machine learning, C#, and Visual Studio.  I’ve embedded them all below.  In addition, you might enjoy my team’s summary of the Build 2016 announcements at Our Reaction to the News and Announcements Made at Build 2016.  You…


How To Optimize Your March Madness Bracket with Azure Machine Learning

In the latest episode of DevRadio, I interviewed Damon Hachmeister from the Azure Machine Learning team.  Damon runs a competition for Microsoft employees to see who can best predict the results of the NCAA March Madness Tournament using Azure Machine Learning.  Last year, he won second place himself, and he walks us through his algorithm. …


Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict Who Will Survive the Titanic

One of my “Introduction to Azure Machine Learning” talks demonstrates how to use Azure Machine Learning to make predictions.  The example I use is predicting whether a passenger on the Titanic will survive, given information like their age, gender, class of ticket, ticket fare, etc.  (You can download the Titanic dataset from Kaggle.)  But these…


MLConf Atlanta 2015 Keynote: Fun with Mind Reading

I was honored to deliver the opening keynote at ML Conf Atlanta on September 18, 2015.  The entire event was recorded and is available at  I spoke on my lie detector work.  Using the EPOC+ headset from Emotiv, I captured EEG (brainwave) data from people when they were telling the truth and when they…


“How to Build a Hogwarts Sorting Hat” Webcast

In the first episode of the new Channel9 show Let’s Dev This, I walk through building a Hogwarts Sorting Hat.  A Windows Phone 8.1 app in a pocket in the hat uses an accelerometer to pick the house and text-to-speech to yell out the house name.  Currently, the trigger is touching a button, but I…