Unconscious Bias Project: Using Data for Awareness of Your Tone in Emails

You know how when you become comfortable with someone, you sometimes may become a little more blunt? Sometimes we may not notice if the tone of our emails is overly positive or negative. It’s important to occasionally stop and reflect that we are treating the people around us with respect. The Unconscious Bias project is…


How to win a hackathon using Azure Machine Learning

You can do some amazing work with machine learning.  Predict how many crimes will occur in a city in a timeframe, based on historical data.  Identify signs of diabetic retinopathy in eye images to help diagnose the disease in areas with limited access to doctors.  Discover correlations between driving patterns and the need for car…


TweetDVR: Fun with Big Data and Game of Thrones

I never watch live television in real time.  My favorite shows are all set to record on my DVR (and I use a computer running Windows Media Center as my DVR).  When I want to watch TV, I just browse through my recorded shows and watch what I’m in the mood for.  However, one disadvantage…


Pipe Dreams: Fun with Azure and IoT

On December 11-12, 2014, I participated in a hackathon in Miami with some other evangelists across Microsoft. The goal was to build something cool for Azure and/or Windows 10.  I teamed up with three Davids: David Crook, David Giard, and Dave Voyles. Our idea We wanted to build something that had real-life application.  David Crook…


Podcast: Developer Evangelism and Hackathons

Last week, I was interviewed by John Neil Conkle.  John advises folks who want to figure out their hackathon strategy.  We talked about developer evangelism and participating in hackathons.  Enjoy. http://hackathon.posthaven.com/jennifer-marsman-developer-evangelist-at-Microsoft