Different ways to connect Azure to on-premise datacenter

I found this great video (hat tip to Brian H. Prince and Keith Mayer) that quickly summarizes different ways to connect Azure to an on-premise datacenter.  The video is only about 10 minutes long and gives a great high-level view of the different options: https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Explain/HybridCloud101  Here’s a quick summary of the options: 1. BizTalk hybrid…


Detroit Day of Azure–recordings

I spoke at the Detroit Day of Azure on Saturday, March 24, 2012.  It was a great event; I highly recommend attending if they make it an annual tradition.  Some of the sessions were recorded:  Brent Stineman keynote on “When Where Why Cloud?”  Jennifer Marsman on "Azure 101" Jennifer Marsman on “Writing your First Azure…


Walk the path to the cloud – learn Windows Azure

You know you’ve been meaning to do it – get developing on the cloud – but you haven’t found the resources or time to get started.  Or maybe you’ve taken the first steps, and done a little reading on the subject, but haven’t yet sat down to write any code.  Or maybe you really tried…


Video – Tour of Microsoft Datacenter

Microsoft recently released a great 10-minute video showcasing some of our datacenters.  It’s fun to see the racks and racks of servers that make cloud computing possible.  The video also shares some of the details of how the datacenters are run extremely energy-efficiently, securely, and reliably (with uninterruptible power supplies, etc.).  Enjoy!


When does cloud computing make sense?

There are many scenarios when it makes business sense to utilize a cloud approach.  I want to discuss two scenarios that I believe are particularly compelling for using cloud computing: new site launches and cyclic traffic.  New Site Launches Cloud computing is very compelling for new site launches, whether they be websites for a small…


Watch the PDC Keynotes Live!

You may have heard about the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), happening October 27–30 in Los Angeles.  Microsoft is going to make major announcements around: The Software + Services vision for computing Upcoming Cloud Computing efforts The next version of Windows For those that can’t attend the PDC in person, there are a number of small…