Friday Fun: Featured Women in Technology

The shortage of women in technology is lamented throughout the industry.  The fact that I started blogging very recently and was still able to get the URL “” when “Jennifer” was the most popular name of female babies from 1970-1984 straight in the United States [reference] is evidence itself.  🙂  It’s believed that one of…


C# Fun at AADND – A Closer Look at the Where Extension Method and Lambda Expressions

Last week at the Ann Arbor Dot Net Developers group (AADND), Bill Wagner gave a talk entitled "After the Launch: C# 3.0".  He discussed: Implicit properties Extension methods Enumerators and deferred vs. immediate execution Lambda expressions Sequence operators   One of the questions that was asked involved the below code:    static void Main(string[] args)…


"Workplace of the Future" webcast is live!

I’ve finished the "Workplace of the Future" video that I mentioned in a previous post.  The University of Michigan students discussed what the Workplace of the Future will look like, how mobile devices will play a role, and what they expect their employers to provide them.  Check it out here. 


The Workplace of the Future

Yesterday I participated in a really interesting event at the University of Michigan.  Ford and Microsoft co-sponsored an event for business students to discuss what the workplace of the future would look like.  We discussed four specific topics: mobility, social networking in the enterprise, desktop/telephony, and in-vehicle.  I moderated the mobility conversation.  Here are some…


Who is Jennifer Marsman?

I believe that blogs should begin with a description of the author and what they’re all about.  I’m a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, which is a kinda silly title.  But I have the coolest job in the company: I get to learn and play with Microsoft’s new technologies for developers and then tell people about…