A new challenge: Joining the “AI for Earth” team at Microsoft

I am very excited to announce that I took a new role at Microsoft as Principal Engineer on the AI for Earth team.  I was definitely not looking to move, as my old team is completely fabulous.  But the opportunity to use my passion for machine learning to drive meaningful change was too exciting to…


Microsoft Research Papers Behind the Cognitive Services

I frequently do public speaking on machine learning research at Microsoft, and sometimes I am asked for more information on the work behind some of the cool services we provide.  In this blog post, I want to provide links to some of the Microsoft Research papers behind the Cognitive Services.  Computer Vision API: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/publication/rich-image-captioning-in-the-wild/ Language…


TechDays Sweden 2017

I had the honor of presenting one of the keynotes at TechDays Sweden.  The recording is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWmuNNZ1WC8.


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Talks from Leaders Paris 2017

I was very honored to deliver two talks at Leaders Paris 2017: a main stage talk “Innovations in AI and Machine Learning” and a workshop “AI Now!”  The talks were posted to YouTube and are available now. In the “Innovations in AI and Machine Learning” talk, I discussed some of Microsoft’s recent innovations in artificial…


AI Announcements at the Build Day 1 keynote

So many exciting announcements in the Artificial Intelligence space at the Build keynote this morning!  In case you missed it, here’s the lowdown.  You can watch the keynote recording at https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/KEY01.   Cognitive Services Labs https://labs.cognitive.microsoft.com/ The Labs give developers an early look at the exciting emerging Cognitive Services technologies.  You can try out and…


The Bot Framework: My Favorite Samples

I have gotten the opportunity to work on multiple projects with the Bot Framework lately.  These have been a mixture of both my own projects and work for customers, some in C# and some in node.  Over that time, I’ve accumulated a list of samples and hands-on labs that have been extremely useful.  I’ve divided…


Precision Agriculture with IoT, Machine Learning, Drones, and Networking Research

Precision irrigation is the idea of instead of homogeneously watering a field, to measure and water only the areas that need it.  (If there is a little dip in the field, water will roll down and that area will receive more water.)  The same concept holds for applying fertilizer, etc. and in general, this concept…


How do I call Cognitive Services from Azure Machine Learning?

Microsoft has a multitude of tools and libraries for developers who want to utilize machine learning, from the Cognitive Services which perform facial detection, emotion recognition, text analytics, and more with a simple API call, to Azure Machine Learning which allows you to build your own custom ML models, to the CNTK which is our…


Machine Learning Careers at Microsoft

I was very honored to be featured on the Microsoft Jobs blog and talk with them about the cool research we are able to do in machine learning at Microsoft.  You can read the full article at http://blogs.microsoft.com/jobs/why-a-machine-learning-job-at-microsoft-means-the-chance-to-try-amazing-things/.  There is also a writeup on the What If page and a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu8OvGeLL5c.  You can…


Sentiment Analysis on Social Network Data (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Sentiment analysis is a useful service for just about any business.  It is always valuable to know whether your customers are saying positive or negative things about you.  Microsoft offers three different ways to do sentiment analysis on social network information: 1. There is a service that the Azure ML team has already built that…