Instructables Maker Space

Last Tuesday (12/9/92014), a small group on my team took a “field trip” to the Instructables Maker Space in San Francisco, CA.  If you are not familiar with Instructables, it is a community of makers and do-it-yourselfers that was founded by Eric Wilhelm.  It began when he was working on his PhD at MIT, and…


STL Tech Talk Interview 2014

At the St. Louis Days of .NET, I was interviewed by JJ Hammond for the STL Tech Talk webcast.  We talked about the STLDODN conference itself and the talks that I gave there, on Construct 2 game development and my ELIZA app.  We also covered Microsoft’s relationship with developers and some of the new announcements…


Podcast: Developer Evangelism and Hackathons

Last week, I was interviewed by John Neil Conkle.  John advises folks who want to figure out their hackathon strategy.  We talked about developer evangelism and participating in hackathons.  Enjoy.


How to make a Hogwarts Sorting Hat using Windows Phone

In the world of Harry Potter, when a new student entered the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they are “sorted” by a Sorting Hat into one of four houses.  The student puts the Sorting Hat on his/her head, and the Sorting Hat yells out the house to which the magical students will belong during…


Lansing Maker Week Keynote

Lansing Maker Week was October 6-12, 2014.  I was honored to be a keynote speaker at the event.  A video of my keynote is available at  I talk about the mindset of hackers and makers, and show some cool hacks: a website that displays a pseudo-3D effect from a webcam and a Hogwarts Sorting…


Women in Tech blog series: Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  (More details at and  In that spirit, I wanted to share several recent “women in tech” blog posts by some of the ladies of my team.  · Jennifer Marsman: (the original post with link to video version…


Career Advice: Secrets to Success, in the style of GLEE

Occasionally, I am asked for career advice.  Now, I *definitely* don’t have it all figured out (I work from home, and there are days when I’m still wearing whatever I slept in until about 5 minutes before the school bus brings my kiddo home from school), but I have collected a few nuggets of wisdom…


MHacks resources from Microsoft

Kudos to all of the hackers that came to the University of Michigan the weekend of Sept 5-7, 2014 for the MHacks event.      Here are some resources that developers were using this weekend, gathered in one place: Developer Centers Windows Azure Developer Center Windows and Windows Phone Developer Center Programs DreamSpark – free software for…


Windows 8 games made by college students

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some college students who are building games.  Some of the students have published games in the Windows Store.  Most games are free.  Check out the screenshots below – there are some really fun games, addictive puzzles, creative storylines, and impressive graphics.  If you run…


BizSpark: Get free software and cloud services for your startup

Note: if you already know that you want BizSpark, jump straight to the Register section.  Why? BizSpark is a Microsoft program to help software startups at the beginning when money may be tight.  You can utilize it for a maximum of 3 years, but afterwards BizSpark Alumni can keep, at no charge, all the software…