Keep the Cash Offer – Make $100/published app!

Keep the Cash


App Builder –  Keep the Cash Offer

Offer runs March 8 – June 30, 2013


Keep the Cash • Publish an app • Get up to $2000*

Publish your app(s) in the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store and fill out the form at to participate. You can submit up to 10 apps per Store and get $100 for each qualified app up to $2000.

*Offer good only to the first 10,000 qualified applications published in the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store, or until the end of the promotional period, whichever comes first.  Limit 10 entries per publisher ID and up to $2,000 per person. 


How does it work?

· Publish your app to the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store between March 8, 2013 through June 30, 2013

· Submit up to 10 published apps per Store and get a $100 Virtual Visa® for each one that qualifies


Who is eligible?

Developers are eligible to enter this contest if they meet the following requirements at time of entry:

· Legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia 18 years of age or older;

· 10 apps per Store for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store may be submitted. Each app you submit to a single platform must be substantially unique and different.

Read the full Terms & Conditions for all the details. 

Comments (32)
  1. Tom Kuijsten says:

    Any change this will be extended to other countries as well?

  2. jennmar says:

    @Tom – my understanding is that this promotion is being run by the US marketing team, so they would not extend it.  You are welcome to point this offer to your local contacts and see if they are willing to do something similar.  

  3. jennmar says:

    To answer some questions that were asked on Twitter:

    * Both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 apps count for this promotion.  

    * The developer can submit for the offer as apps are published (one at a time). Then we’ll pay out immediately once validated.  If they decide to go back to submit more apps for the offer, they will see the previously submitted apps but they can still add to the list.

  4. Alejandro Woywood says:

    They should extend the offer to other countries. Many devs that applied to similar offers from "other" handset makers are from outside US.

  5. PhilipK says:

    I know a bunch oh Canadian Devs who would love to bring existing apps to WP with a promotion like this.

  6. Self-Respecting Developer says:

    Are you joking? $100 barely covers the time to install VC. This offer is an insult to developers and makes your platform look like a joke.

  7. JDev says:

    $100 bucks is better than nothing and doesn't exclude you from making an app that will bring in other revenue. Be grateful for what you get. If it isn't enough for you, don't make an app.

  8. Robert J. Good says:

    I have had a completed Windows 8 "metro" app on the shelf for 5 months. Might just eat the extra workload from maintaining a production app…since Microsoft is paying for my first year business developer's license!

    Thanks guys and gals!

  9. adolfojp says:

    I am a software developer from Puerto Rico, a US territory, who just got left out of yet another offer. And given the fact that I've also had problems with your music store I don't know why I even bother with Microsoft technologies anymore.

  10. Lpn says:

    I don't understand why Microsoft wastes so much money on TV ads instead of really inciting developers all over the world to develop their stores. Why is it limited to US only ?

    Just one million investment for apps ? It doesn't seem it's their priority.

  11. Juan says:

    Is there no developers outside the U.S.?

  12. Fabrizio says:

    Ok, I'm european people and i will develop on ios and android wich have more users and there is more market than us.

  13. Angry Developer says:

    because Microsoft always have to make mistakes in every descicion taking

  14. DANIEL says:

    Un desarrollador responsable sacará su aplicación para la Store paguen o no paguen. Y lo hará cuando ésta esté disponible y testada. A Microsoft no le vale eso y quiere aumentar drásticamente su cantidad de aplicaciones, para decir que en unos meses han multiplicado por "x" el número de aplicaciones en su tienda y obtener visibilidad y una sensación falsa de que la plataforma se expande, conclusión Microsoft no solo tiene malas practicas y poco éticas son decepcionantes en todo lo que hacen

  15. Tiago says:

    I was quite excited about this, had a neat idea for an app, even installed Visual Studio and all.

    Then I saw it was limited to the US, why do you have to do everything wrong, Microsoft?

  16. Lohith G N says:

    Hi, any idea why this is US only. I am from India and any chance of we getting this for India region..



  17. JJD says:

    Gotta love MS. US only… lol

    Why do you badger me with those annoying TV ads in my country then!?

  18. Cardboard Box says:

    How can we tell if the 10,000 app submission limit has been reached. I'm guessing they could hit that in just a few weeks.

  19. O'Neil says:

    Can you submit the form multiple times (considering you haven't yet reached your ten app limit)?

  20. Sam says:

    I have submitted 5 apps so far and have not got a single acknowledgement e-mail of any sort. It may mean that promotion has already reached 10K application mark and developers should not expect cash from the apps they submit.

    If you have different information, please clarify. Thanks.

  21. Sadesh says:

    Can you extend this offer to other countries?

  22. Shafiq Abbas says:

    Give chance to India. We will prove ourself..

  23. I have yet to receive conformation regarding the apps i have gotten into the windows store? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Boss says:

    @Squareal & @Sam have ya'll heard anything back?

  25. Jen says:

    Am did Microsoft reach the 10,000 app quota? Do you think I still have time to submit some apps? Thanks.

  26. Keith says:

    Maybe you people just failed to realize that she directs you to non-microsoft look-a-like websites. This is a scam. All you are doing is providing her and her affiliates with fresh app ideas. Don't waste your time. If you really want to see what Microsoft officially supports, check out these links:

    Official Registration for App Development:…/start

    Developer Support for Windows Apps(The how to for developing / dev forums / technical support):…/hh690938

    Submitting your Apps (Step by step process for submitting Apps with links):…/br230835.aspx

    Getting Paid (Windows policies/process for getting paid for you apps):…/jj193593.aspx

    You will hopefully notice the difference in the links. This "promotion" is a smokescreen for people to steal your app ideas.

  27. Squareal says:


    I have 3 apps submitted and have yet to receive any information

  28. rbeyea says:

    It is taking 2-3 weeks for them to approve the apps. Then it is supposed to be 10 days to get the virtual Visa. There has been some delays on the virtual visa and it is taking longer, 2-3 weeks. I have submitted 11 applications total. I have been approved on 4 of them. I have received the Virtual visa for 3 of them.

  29. Janices says:

    Any chance the deadline will be extended? I tried and tried but could not finish in time.  I am a new Windows8 developer.  Hope they extend the deadline until July

  30. jennmar says:

    @Janices – I'm sorry; the deadline won't be extended.  

    @Keith – the links are like bit.lys; they just track clickthrough to see which Microsoft employees are driving developers to the promotion.  All is legit.  🙂  

    All others – if you have submitted your published app to "Keep the Cash" and not heard back, please contact me directly using the "Email Blog Author" link in the right sidebar, with your publisher name, app name, and app URL.  

  31. Spence Southard says:


    I have had several apps accepted for Keep The Cash and have a bit of a problem.  Since I have done several I have to fill out the affidavit form online for tax purposes or I will forfeit the money in a couple of days, however the site I am directed to will not accept my Live ID and allow me to proceed.

    Have you heard of anyone else having this problem, or do you know how to fix it?  

    I have tried contacted several others about this issue, but haven't received a response, including form the email address that was in the email telling me that my apps were selected.

    Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated.


  32. jennmar says:

    @Spence and any others who have had issues – please contact me using the "Email Blog Author" link (…/contact.aspx) in my right-hand sidebar, so I can route your email/issues to the people who are running the "Keep the Cash" program.  Thanks!

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