Free online Windows 8 events (includes presentations and hands-on labs)

Windows8LogoMy team is running a series of “hands-on labs online” events for Windows 8.  The first 45-60 minutes are a presentation on some aspect of Windows 8 development, which is then followed by a hands-on lab that you can work through in a virtual environment online (so you don’t have to have Windows 8 installed on your local machine).  The presenter is available to answer questions throughout the talk and the hands-on lab. 

I am presenting a session tomorrow on Tiles & Notifications in C#.  Register at

The full list of sessions is at  Hope to see you there! 

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  1. Krishnan says:

    Are there recorded version of these events too? I will not be able to attend these meets live, but I'd love to start developing apps for WP8 and I think watching these videos will get me started

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