What is the difference between a company vs. individual account for the Windows Store?

When you register to develop apps for the Windows Store, you have the option to register for a company or an individual account.  What are the major differences between them? 

  • Cost.  An individual account costs $49/year and a company account costs $99/year. 
  • Verification.  Company accounts require a little more verification, to ensure that you're authorized to create an account on the company's behalf.
  • Desktop applications.  Only company accounts can submit desktop applications to the Windows Store; individual accounts cannot. 
  • Different capabilities.  There are 3 capabilities that can be used only by applications submitted from a company account.  (For more information on capabilities, see App capability declarations).  They are:
    1. enterpriseAuthentication. Uses your Windows credentials for access to a corporate intranet.
    2. sharedUserCertificates. Allows the use of software and hardware certificates or a smart card to identify users in the app.
    3. documentsLibrary. Allows access to a user's documents library, including the capability to add, change, or delete files.
  • Processing for taxes.  Individuals will reflect earnings based on their Social Security number (in the US), and company accounts will use the VAT identification number or EIN.
  • Email address.  The developer email address must be a company domain, not generic (live, gmail, etc.) for registration as a company. 

For more information, see Registering for a Windows Store developer account

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  1. Robb schiefer says:

    Can you change an individual account to a company account later?

  2. Clinton Gallagher @virtualCableTV says:

    Individual Account is good for lower cost but a cheat because some of us work alone and are lawfully registered with the Federal and State government as a "Sole Proprietor" classification required for tax reporting.

    Its also a cheat because compelling a developer to incorporate or forming an LLC to pretend to be a "company" costs the developer who works alone a lot of wasted money and all kinds of useless tax reporting requirements like sending the IRS what we "guess" we will earn every stinking quarter of the year: that means we have to send the IRS money every 4 months to remain in compliance with the law

    None of that "company" bullshit is required for those that lawfully work as a Sole Proprietor.

    Microsoft is presumed to know these facts so they have knowingly setup Windows Store accounts to cheat Sole Proprietors.

  3. jennmar says:

    @Robb – no, there is not a way to change at this time.  

  4. ct says:

    Noticed some blog posts mentioning for a Company signup there's a Developer and an Approver and that they must be different.  Is that still the case?  

    For a single member LLC company (ie. I'm the only employee of the company using an LLC for liability protection reasons), is there a way to allow the Developer and Approver to be the same?  

    Or is having a different email address good enough but same name in the Developer & Approver fields?  


  5. Nicholas Stein says:

    Can I transfer an app from an individual developer to a company developer?  Suppose I sell the app.  The buyer might not want to rename it so as not to confuse the user base.

  6. Srikar says:

    I got account in windows store. But how to identify whether it is student account or individual account ??

    please tell me.

  7. Anugrah Atreya says:

    I am a developer in Fortune 500 company with 35,000 employees.

    Now if I create an INDIVIDUAL account I cannot publish app to Windows Store and its very difficult to get COMPANY account as only 1 developer can have COMPANY account in whole company and company also will not allow me to publish my personal development work on its name.

    So do I need to open a new company just to publish my Windows Store app to Store 🙂

  8. 80s Rocker says:

    The only thing I think MS should change is all developers should be allowed to access the users documents library.  I have a SSD card with my document set to automatically save to my SSD.  But most application cannot take advantage of this, so they save all their files to the main storage. For some apps like book readers, RRS readers, etc., this means space is being take up on main driver when the documents should be stored in my Document library, which would be put on my SSD. Please remove this restriction from the "Individual" account.  Does not make sense that "Individuals" have access to the other three libraries, but not the document library.

  9. Yuzyin says:

    My company created a Company account and wrote my company email as developer address. I have created a MS account with that mail but when i triy to login, it asks me to register as individual or company account. How to use my developer mail when I develop?

  10. Danyer says:

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