Getting Started with Kinect Development

clip_image001[6]On Thursday of last week, we launched the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta.  In case you missed it, the entire Kinect launch event was recorded and is now posted at

You can download the Kinect SDK from here.  When getting started, I highly recommend the Kinect QuickStarts, a series of short videos that walk you through the basics.  

Finally, check out the main Kinect page at  It contains a great overview of the Kinect features, documentation and code walkthroughs, and forums for asking questions, getting answers, and providing feedback to the team. 


Code Libraries

Kinect SDK download:

Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit (a handy developer API for Windows Forms and WPF, for things like converting a byte[] array to a bitmap or getting the distance of a particular pixel in one line of code):



Kinect Beta Launch On-Demand Sessions:

Kinect for Windows Quickstarts: (NOTE: you can also download all of the zipped Quickstart videos from



Kinect for Windows SDK VB Samples:

Coding4Fun Kinect Project Gallery:



Programming Guide: Getting Started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started and Code Walkthroughs




Comments (4)

  1. beej says:

    Can't get it to work on linux

  2. jennmar says:

    @beej – I'm sorry; you need Windows 7 to use the Kinect SDK.  The full list of hardware and software requirements is available at…/download.aspx.  

  3. Lala says:

    if can download kinectSDK  on laptop,does it means that ur laptop can run kinect?

  4. Khaled Faiad says:

    How can Mathematics Help us in developing  Kinect ??  

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