"Technology and Friends” webcast on IE Pinned Sites

The great David Giard asked me to be a guest on his webcast Technology and Friends.  I spoke on Internet Explorer pinned sites. 

This episode is available online, and it was also shown on Ann Arbor’s Channel 17 TV!  The episode was really fun to record…we were in an actual television studio with 3 different cameras pointed at us.  Check it out at http://technologyandfriends.com/archive/2011/05/09/tf155.aspx


Show Notes

HTML5 Sites



My IE Site Pinning Blog Post Series

IE Pinned Sites Part 1: What Are Pinned Sites?

IE Pinned Sites Part 2: Why Implement Pinned Sites?

IE Pinned Sites Part 3: How to implement basic site properties

IE Pinned Sites Part 4: How to implement Jump List Tasks

IE Pinned Sites Part 5: How to implement dynamic Jump List Categories

IE Pinned Sites Part 6: How to implement Overlay Icons

IE Pinned Sites Part 7: How to implement Thumbnail Toolbar Buttons

IE Pinned Sites Part 8: How to implement a Flashing Taskbar Button

IE Pinned Sites Part 9: Patterns to make your pinned site code play nice in all browsers

IE Pinned Sites Part 10: Pinned Site Resources

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