Technology and Friends: Windows 7 Development

David Giard asked me to speak on another episode of Technology and Friends.  In this show, I’m speaking on Windows 7 Development, including the Sensor and Location Platform and multitouch development. 

To get started with coding, you will need the Windows API Code Pack at for the Sensor APIs.  Now that .NET 4.0 has shipped, you can get most of the multitouch functionality by downloading the multitouch drivers (specific to your machine) and WPF 4.0.  There are also a lot of great resources in the Windows 7 SDK

This show was recorded on St. Patrick’s Day, which is why we are both wearing green and being a little goofy.  :)  You can view the show at, or below. 

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  1. rogerstigers says:

    Hi There!  I am writing a surface application on Windows 7 with SP1 of the SDK. Everything has been fine so far, but I just hit a very odd stumbling block.  I cannot find the SurfaceTextBox control anywhere in the assemblies.  Was it left out or is there a possibility that I have something broken in my references?

  2. jennmar says:

    Roger – SurfaceTextBox should be in the assembly Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.dll, in the namespace Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.Controls.  

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