Events hosted by SRT Solutions

SRT Solutions is running a number of events next week, which may be of interest to those in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. 

First, there is a Software Stimulus lab on Monday, June 15.  This features two distinct sessions: the morning session introduces effective software engineering techniques, such as version control, continuous integration, and automated testing, and the afternoon session focuses on topics of interest to attendees.  You can register at

Secondly, they are offering executive briefings on emerging technologies.  These high-level briefings are designed to help business owners and CEOs understand critical emerging technologies along with their potential impact and benefits.  They will focus on “WHY” you might adopt a new technology, rather than "HOW" to implement it.  The events will be held at Ann Arbor SPARK.  On June 16, the topics are Cloud Computing and Rich Internet Applications.  On June 18, the topics are Natural User Interfaces and Social Networking in Business.  The sessions run from 8:30am-noon and the cost is $150 (continental breakfast included).  You can register using the links below. 

June 16

Save Money with Green Computing: Leveraging Cloud Platforms

Cloud Computing platforms promise to give you flexibility to scale your IT infrastructure on demand and deliver global scope with lower cost. In this session you’ll learn why Microsoft, Google and Amazon all believe your business will be more productive, green, and cost-effective with cloud computing.  But we’ll go beyond that. We’ll talk about YOUR business and whether or not it makes sense to have a cloud strategy.

Gain Competitive Advantage with Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0… buzzwords or opportunities for competitive advantage? Learn what RIA means for your products and internal IT investments, including why online and offline mode matters and how to use RIA concepts to create rich user experiences. See how you can use browser-based technology to create reach and outpace your competition.


June 18

Natural User Interfaces: R.I.P. Mouse & Keyboard

Imagine gaining productivity and effectiveness by changing how you interact with your computer. iPhone, Microsoft Surface, and Windows 7 MultiTouch are the future of user interfaces and offer ways to help you gain a competitive edge. Get an insider’s look at these platforms and see their potential for helping your business succeed.

Social Networking for Business: Beyond the Mainstream

Twitter, Facebook, Digg, the blogosphere: Your customers are interacting on these platforms… smart businesses do, too.   Learn how to find and react quickly to comments about your company.  See examples of how companies are building positive, committed brand value through social networks.   Beyond such mainstream use as Oprah and other celebrities, discover social networking discussions pertinent to your business, participate in those discussions, and ultimately improve your image with customers and prospects.


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  1. Steven James says:

    Noticed you’ve been blogging more lately.  Thanks for doing so.  I look forward to your information that you share.  It helps me determine what trends that I should be aware of.


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