Featured Woman in Technology: Lidiane Souza

Lidiane Souza is the Senior Group Program Manager (GPM) of the Microsoft Application Virtualization (formerly SoftGrid) team at Microsoft.  Virtualization can greatly reduce the cost of application testing and deployment.  Different versions of DLLs may be needed for different applications, and when running these applications on the same machine, problems can arise (the classic problem…


Friday Fun: Featured Women in Technology

The shortage of women in technology is lamented throughout the industry.  The fact that I started blogging very recently and was still able to get the URL “blogs.msdn.com/jennifer” when “Jennifer” was the most popular name of female babies from 1970-1984 straight in the United States [reference] is evidence itself.  🙂  It’s believed that one of…


C# Fun at AADND – A Closer Look at the Where Extension Method and Lambda Expressions

Last week at the Ann Arbor Dot Net Developers group (AADND), Bill Wagner gave a talk entitled "After the Launch: C# 3.0".  He discussed: Implicit properties Extension methods Enumerators and deferred vs. immediate execution Lambda expressions Sequence operators   One of the questions that was asked involved the below code:    static void Main(string[] args)…


"Workplace of the Future" webcast is live!

I’ve finished the "Workplace of the Future" video that I mentioned in a previous post.  The University of Michigan students discussed what the Workplace of the Future will look like, how mobile devices will play a role, and what they expect their employers to provide them.  Check it out here. 

The Workplace of the Future

Yesterday I participated in a really interesting event at the University of Michigan.  Ford and Microsoft co-sponsored an event for business students to discuss what the workplace of the future would look like.  We discussed four specific topics: mobility, social networking in the enterprise, desktop/telephony, and in-vehicle.  I moderated the mobility conversation.  Here are some…


Who is Jennifer Marsman?

I believe that blogs should begin with a description of the author and what they’re all about.  I’m a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, which is a kinda silly title.  But I have the coolest job in the company: I get to learn and play with Microsoft’s new technologies for developers and then tell people about…