Missed the PDC? Catch the content live at the MDC!

The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is one of my favorite conferences.  But it is an investment, especially when you factor in the cost of airfare and a week in a downtown LA hotel, in addition to the cost of the conference.  In today's unstable economy, some people missed out on a lot of cool technical content. 


But, the MSDN Developer Conference (MDC) is bringing the PDC to you!  The MDC is a day-long conference with three parallel tracks, summarizing the essentials of the PDC, for only $99.  These events will be held in 11 major cities across the US.  Hear all of the exciting announcements around the Azure Services Platform, Windows 7, and Visual Studio 2010 - the session lineup is pretty compelling. 

Windows7_h_rgbAnd of course, there are great giveaways and swag!  The most exciting thing is that all attendees will receive a Windows 7 Beta DVD.  If the Windows 7 Beta is not available at the time of the event, the DVD will be shipped to you when it becomes available.

There are other worthwhile gatherings happening at the MDC:

Community Courtyard: Perhaps you've seen the PDC content already, but want a chance to discuss it?  Maybe you have questions or still just don't get what the excitement around Azure is all about.  The Community Courtyard is an Open-Space-like environment, where attendees can propose topics to discuss and convene their own sessions!  Leaders in the development community as well as Microsoft employees will be hanging around to answer questions and participate in the conversations. 

WomenBuild: This interactive workshop is open to both men and women.  Participants utilize Lego bricks to explore different solutions to the same problem, and celebrate the true meaning of diversity. 

Register today

Date City
12/9/2008 Houston, TX
12/11/2008 Orlando, FL
12/16/2008 Atlanta, GA
1/13/2009 Chicago, IL
1/13/2009 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/2009 Washington, DC
1/20/2009 New York, NY
1/22/2009 Boston, MA
1/22/2009 Detroit, MI
1/26/2009 Dallas, TX
2/23/2009 San Francisco, CA

And for those who read to the end: 

The first person to answer this fun fact will win a free ticket (worth $99) to the Detroit MDC!  What was the codename for Windows Azure? 

Comments (9)
  1. Keith Elder says:

    I know I know it is called _____ _____. 🙂

    Sorry, didn’t want to give it away…

  2. Mark Harr says:

    Code name for Azure was "Huron"

  3. jennmar says:

    I’m sorry, Mark, that is incorrect.  Huron is a part of SQL Services, which is a part of the Azure Services Platform.  I’m looking specifically for the codename for Windows Azure, the operating system of the Azure Services Platform.  

  4. Don Kijek says:

    It is "Windows Strata"

    Don Kijek

  5. Don Kijek says:

    What about "Windows Cloud"?

    Don Kijek

  6. jennmar says:

    I’m sorry, Don!  Strata isn’t quite right either.  Strata referred to the entire Azure Services Platform.  

  7. Don Kijek says:

    What about Red Dog?

    Don Kijek

  8. jennmar says:

    Correct!  The codename for Windows Azure was Red Dog.  Don, please email me using the "Email" link above (upper left of this page) and I’ll tell you how to collect your prize.  🙂  Congratulations!  

  9. Steven James says:

    I will not be able to attend this and did not attend PDC.  I sure will miss not being there.  We are getting heavly into Silverlight 2 and keeping up on Azure.  Good luck.  

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