What’s different about the 3 versions of Rx? Part 3: .NET 3.5 SP1

Two days ago I kicked of this 3 part series by describing what is unique to Rx on Silverlight 3.
Yesterday followed that up by I talked about Rx specific features when running on .NET 4

Today I'll complete the series by talking about what Rx offers on .NET 3.5 SP1

Watch how Rx makes Asynchronous calls over .NET Remoting easier

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Comments (2)

  1. west says:

    Why "alert ProcessNameCalled" display on server side in event case?

    client event handler is excuted on server?

    I have try to write down the code and got the exception at client side event subscription(use VS2008)

    In my experience, remoting event required share code event wrapper class. is right?

    I am really confused.

  2. Events in .NET are implemented by using multicast delegates. these multi-cast delegates are serialized by value, hence when transfered from client to server, are reconstructed on server and upon execution will execute on the server.

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