Double Buffer

  In a project planning meeting recently, I heard a coworker say “Double Buffer”.  I figured that he meant a performance technique for animation or networking: or like: But he actually meant doubling the time estimate for each task in our project.  I couldn’t stop myself from immediately suggesting that he read the…


I try to scan the WSJ every day.  It helps me keep in touch with the world outside of technology.  Today there was a good article about advertisements in blogs – and it had the word: bloggerpreneurs.  What a cool word. Sorry about the big ugly URL.  Ugh.,,SB107930372750054907,00.html  


Wow, my name is famous even if I’m not

In Korby Parnell’s “GoogleGreatness” he mentions that he is currently ranked number three for his last name. I couldn’t resist finding out where I rank at- and entering Jeff Wall into google didn’t turn me up at all.  Instead I learned about an artist and I just purchased a collection of his work for the coffeetable…