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ESE API at MSDN: New features in ESE for Vista/Server 2008: ESE overview Wikipedia article:  

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition Overview

A good overview of SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition  


Windows Contacts viewer in MCE has released a contacts viewer for MCE:!78533A1A2E078194!163.entry Some screen shots:  


Several 2007 Microsoft Office applications provide an API that lets a mail client interface with 2007 Office applications when the API is implemented by the mail client. This API provides an integrated experience for sending a copy of a 2007 Office document. If the default mail client implements the API, you can use the Microsoft…

Windows Mail Channel 9 video

Windows Mail video link:

Windows Contacts API

Windows Vista includes significant changes to the Windows Address Book. The WAB MAPI APIs are still supported: And there are new APIs in the SDK:  

Double Buffer

  In a project planning meeting recently, I heard a coworker say “Double Buffer”.  I figured that he meant a performance technique for animation or networking: or like: But he actually meant doubling the time estimate for each task in our project.  I couldn’t stop myself from immediately suggesting that he read the…

Defrag API C# wrappers

For my own amusement, I decided to wrap the NT Defrag APIs in C#.  It isn’t great, but… I’ll give it the classic dev guarantee of “it works on my machine”. The MSDN documentation uses lots of very scary words like “IOCTL” and “DeviceIoControl” and the such.  Hopefully, I’ve abstracted some of that away……


Defrag APIs

I just recently re-discovered the NT file defrag APIs… And I found a great defragmenter…  

Longhorn Communications Wiki

One of the PMs on the team has put together a wiki on Channel9