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… all of your personal and business communications – from email and instant messages to phone calls and faxes – will reside in a single central location Apparently from a central location, you’ll be able to sort and filter messages by various themes such as name of sender or date of conversation

Sort communications by person

From:,aid,116005,00.asp Future OS will track all your contacts regardless of the type of communication Chief among Longhorn’s capabilities is a communications history from which you can manage everything, says Paul Erickson, development manager for Windows communications. From this central location, you’ll be able to sort and filter messages by various themes such as name…

Communication History RSS Longhorn sample

The communication history team build a small sample RSS application for the WinHec build. For each entry in the RSS feed the sample creates a Message WinFS item that appears in communication history.


Communication History integrated with caller ID In addition to the hardware, the software was integrated with the process so that users could get rich caller information such as their communications history with the caller (for example, via a pop-up window on-screen with all the voicemail and e-mail history from that person), based on the caller ID. While some of the…


Communication History at WinHec questions

The dev manager on my team did a presentation at WinHec today.  The presentation covered some of the work that we are doing around the communications experience in Longhorn. In the Q&A there were some good questions asked about Communication History that were well answered… Q: Given the functionality around Communication History, how does this relate…

Longhorn at WinHec in the trade rags

From:,1995,1581874,00.asp The intersection of telephony and PCs. At last year’s WinHEC, the “Athens” communications PC prototype, co-developed by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, stole the show. This year, Microsoft is promising to talk more about built-in Longhorn capabilities, such as voice over IP (VOIP) and call control for Bluetooth-enabled devices.    

IIS lessons learned

The IIS lessons learned webcast was recorded – and you can play it back below with voice…