Log Parser

Log Parser is a great tool to sift through IIS web logs (or most any other structured data) for information. Log Parser is freely downloadable online from www.microsoft.com/download (search for “IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools” for Log Parser 2.1, and search for “Log Parser” for Log Parser 2.0). There is a webcast tomorrow, March 17th, 2004…



I try to scan the WSJ every day.  It helps me keep in touch with the world outside of technology.  Today there was a good article about advertisements in blogs – and it had the word: bloggerpreneurs.  What a cool word. Sorry about the big ugly URL.  Ugh. http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB107930372750054907,00.html  


Attachment execute service

Attachment execute service (AES) is an attachment security platform enhancement introduced for Windows XP Service Pack 2.  AES provides a framework that allows both Microsoft and external (third party) developers to have the same security services available to them while developing email, IM and other file transfer clients. MSDN developer information:  (make sure to look…

Communication History

Part of what makes working at microsoft great is the ability to switch teams and roles – all without uprooting your life.  Fairly recently, I made the switch to the ‘dark side’ of Program Management from Software Design. I now work on a part of Windows Longhorn called communication history.  Here’s a PDC (October 2003) view:…