Wow, my name is famous even if I’m not

In Korby Parnell's “GoogleGreatness” he mentions that he is currently ranked number three for his last name.

I couldn't resist finding out where I rank at- and entering Jeff Wall into google didn't turn me up at all.  Instead I learned about an artist and I just purchased a collection of his work for the coffeetable from amazon.  Hey, support someone with the same name as me! 


Comments (4)

  1. Tim Marman says:

    Even better, when you have women over just tell them it’s really you 🙂

    (Cut out any pictures of the artist first, of course!)

  2. Jaclyn Smith says:

    I can’t believe in public someone will look at my name tag and say Oh my gosh its Jaclyn Smith. Do I look like Jaclyn Smith…….NO

  3. david beckham says:


  4. omar says:

    ha ha ha

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