(Updated) Sample: Version Control RSS Feed

I have updated the sample RSS feed; if you’re using Beta 3, you should use the updated feed posted below. The sample was first posted here. The sample below allows you to subscribe to a feed which generates information for a specific user. Append ?user=domain\alias to the subscription path. <%@ Page Language=”c#” %><%@ OutputCache Duration=”20″…


Team Foundation: What’s my server doing? (Part 2)

In my last post, I wrote about the mechanism within Team Foundation that records web method activity. You can mine the database to and learn much about how Team Foundation is being used. Recall that the web method information is written to a database so the full power of SQL queries is available. List all…


Team Foundation: What’s my server doing?

We designed a mechanism to record web method activity for all of the Team Foundation web applications. Information about each web method invocation is recorded in a single database. We don’t provide any ways to get to that data — however, if you have access to the data tier you can write a few SQL…


Version Control RSS Feed

Recently, I wrote about a Team Foundation RSS feed. There may be a change required if you’re seeing ASP.NET event log entries when your RSS reader contacts the feed complaining about the UriType (about line 194) not being recognized. Change UriType to ChangesetUriType and things should work.


Team Foundation Watson Reports: We’re listening

We’ve been collecting Watson reports with the Beta 2 release. As of this week, we’ve created 81 bugs from the Watson reports that we’ve received from Beta2 and internal sites. All but 2 of the bugs have been resolved. Please keep those Watson reports coming to us — we actively review, prioritize, and follow up…


Sample: Version Control RSS Feed

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Part 3: What’s my source control server doing? A RSS feed to keep track of checkins

I haven’t forgotten about the RSS feed generator. There were some issues that I needed to resolve with the sample code before it can be released; this required a few changes — these include: Instead of using public methods in the Version Control server assemblies, the Version Control Client Object Model (OM) is used instead….


Why we want Watson reports

One of the features we added to the mid-tier web services was the ability to create and file reports when error and/or unexpected conditions occur. When these happen, a information about the condition is gathered and then a report is filed with the Watson reporting mechanism. The next time an administrator logs in to the…


Part 2: What’s my source control server doing? A RSS feed to keep track of checkins

In my last post, I started describing an RSS feed generator for Team Foundation Source Control. Note that this is an experimental endeavor and not supported in any way by Microsoft as it is not part of the Team Foundation product. I described, in brief, the features that it supports and touched on security. I won’t…


What’s my source control server doing? A RSS feed to keep track of checkins

Team Foundation RSS Feed Generator for Source Control Some time ago, I switched to a much more efficient way of keeping up with news and other events. Instead of visiting several web sites to keep up with what’s happening, I started using a web-based blog aggregator. There are many out there, the one what worked…